How to Decorate Your Coffee Bar for Valentine’s Day

Yay! I finally set up the coffee bar or my dreams, thanks to the AMPLE time I’ve had at home lately! #silverlining I bought the Nespresso of my dreams so that I can make all the fancy hot coffee drinks at home! (My fave is a cappuccino with Cinnamon Dolce syrup, but my husband opts for Keurig coffee with cream and honey.) Now, I can decorate my coffee station for the seasons and enjoy looking at it all day long!

I’m giving you tips on how to organize and decorate your coffee station for Valentine’s Day so that it’s cute and functional!

Coffee Bar Essentials Checklist

  • Keurig/Nespresso Machine
  • Coffee pods/nespresso capsules/hot chocolate/tea
  • flavored syrups with pumps
  • sweeteners of your choice (My husband uses honey, and I use the flavored syrups.)
  • cinnamon
  • hot chocolate
  • tiered tray
  • seasonal accents in and around the tray (in this case, Valentine’s gnomes/decor)
  • decorative beads and accents you could leave out all year
  • marshmallow mugs (The kids love drinking hot chocolate from these!)
  • anything that makes you smile!
  • Optional– stirrers, candy canes, marshmallows, individual creamers
  • Optional– You could get a cute set of matching mugs to put on display.

How to Put Together Your Coffee Bar

In order to create the perfect coffee bar, you have to include things you need and things you enjoy looking at. For example, I top my cappuccinos with cinnamon, but I didn’t want to look at the plain old McCormick’s container! Ever hear of the term “Make it fashion?” It refers to making things you HAVE to wear, such as a face mask, look cute! In this case, we are making it decor!!

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Store your coffee necessities in compact, cute containers that you can place on a tiered tray!

I hide my Nespresso capsules in this lidded Rae Dunn mug!

Place your coffee makers and flavored syrups around the tray…

…and add both seasonal and static decor items! (You’ll want some season-neutral and coffee-themed accessories. You can try mini potted plants or my fave: beads!)

In case you haven’t noticed, I love gnomes! Did you see my Christmas tree this past holiday? Try to stick with one major type of decor to give your coffee bar a strong theme and keep it from looking too chaotic.

See how nicely it all came together? I just love it!

Are you a coffee drinker, too?

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