Affordable Shein Haul and Try-On (Plus Shopping Tips)

I tend to wear clothes for a very concentrated and shortish chunk of time, and then I get bored. I love to try new trends and switch things up to keep getting dressed exciting! As for investment pieces? I don’t have too many… For me, $200 jeans are a thing of the past. However, I WILL occasionally splurge on my fave lululemon leggings or a designer bag!

Lately, I’ve been shopping affordable retailers, such as American Eagle, Old Navy, Amazon, Target, and Shein! If you’re not familiar with Shein, they carry really inexpensive cute and trendy clothes for women and girls.

Today, I’m sharing my most recent haul, including cute spring dresses and lots of comfy tops! Plus, I’m sharing tips and tricks for shopping Shein at the end of the post!

The Outfits

Let me begin by saying I have never had to return something from Shein. The items always fit, and I’m happy with the style and quality. Are you getting the same quality of an authentic Gucci tee or a Valentino hoodie? No! Of course not! But to me, the quality is super acceptable and comparable to any clothes I buy in Target!

Gingham Dress

<<entire look linked here>>

Even though gingham plaid has become quite the classic, does that mean I have to empty my wallet to wear it? Heck no!! This cute little spring dress will do as is!

This is the one of the two items in my Shein haul that was even remotely small on me. It’s just a little tight in the shoulders, but you can’t tell by looking at it. It’s not like I’m planning on wearing it everyday! I can handle a slight bit of tightness, because this dress is dang cute!

Matching Tracksuit Set

<<entire look linked here>>

Matching sets are all the rage, and I can see why! You put one one and look instantly stylish, even if you’re not a stylish person! Sets make it so easy!

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I was drawn to the color combo in this set, not only for the upcoming Valentine’s Day, but for any day! Stand out with literally zero effort.

Floral Print Overalls Dress + Form-Fitting Tee

<<entire look linked here>>

This jumper is made of a light, velvety corduroy material, and it exceeded my style expectations. HOW. CUTE. IS. IT?! It’s lightweight, so it’s definitely perfect for spring! I ordered the white tee specifically for this dress, and I would say it’s a match made in heaven! Bonus: Love that this dress is a mom-friendly length!

C’est La Vie Oversized Graphic Tee

<<tee (sold out in white but stocked in maroon, Spanx>>

Boyfriend tees are a staple in my wardrobe for a number of reasons, but I especially like how well they pair with the billions of leggings in my wardrobe! I’m showing the versatility of this tee in the next look.

Cute Lounge Shorts + Oversized Tee

<<entire look linked here>>

Voila! Simply knot the oversized tee, and roll the sleeves to balance the proportions. You’ve got a whole new top to pair with these cute ruffle lounge shorts. They are so soft and perfect for spring!

Sweet French-Inspired Dress

<<entire look linked here>>

I don’t have much to say here except ADORABLE. And this statement collar dress also comes in red print with the black collar.

Coffee O’Clock Pajamas

<<entire look linked here>> (almost sold out. Click the link and scroll down to “customers also viewed” for similar styles.)

I just wore these pjs yesterday (Sunday). Although they are technically pajamas, I treat them as a lounge set. They are so soft and smooth… My kids couldn’t stop touching them!

Drop-Shoulder Heart Print Pullover

<<entire look linked here>>

This top is one of my faves from the haul! I love the material and the length! And it’s only $13!!! (Selling fast.)

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Leopard Heart Sweatshirt

<<entire look linked here>>

This top is very cute, but it is NOT oversized and runs on the smaller side. And it is not leggings-friendly. With that being said, I treat like a form-fitting long-sleeved tee. It pairs well with high-waisted jeans!

High-Waisted Lounge Shorts

<<shorts>> (almost sold out. Click the link and scroll down to “customers also viewed.”)

I love the way these lettuce trim shorts fit, but they do run slightly big. You could always size down!

Shein Shopping Tips

  • Shein ALWAYS has a sale going on. Just make sure you view the discount code at the top of their site. If you don’t input the code, you don’t get the sale. I learned this the hard way!
  • Everything runs true-to-size. I got a medium in every single thing and am happy with the way it all fits. However, do read the size guides! Occasionally you may need to adjust according to size guides and/or reviews.
  • They have new arrivals every day or two, and things tend to sell quickly!
  • Shipping takes a while. Like two weeks. If you need something fairly soon, pay the $12 for expedited shipping. You’ll have the order in about 5 days, and you won’t even notice that your $12 is missing because everything is SO AFFORDABLE.
  • Don’t forget the hair accessories!! They have AWESOME headbands and hair clips. My leopard bow headband in this post was $3!!! (It’s sold out, but here is another one I have my eye one for $3.50!)
  • When you click on something you like, check out the “customers also viewed” section at the bottom for similar ideas! I’ve found many gems this way! (Plus, if your pick is sold out in your size, this feature is super helpful!)


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