Gift Guide: Easy Gifts for Women

I often find that I always see gifts I want to buy the ladies in my life, but when it comes time to do holiday shopping, I freeze up. Anyone else?! So I put together this holiday gift guide (or any time gift guide!) for women that’s chock full of easy peasy gifts! You can give them alone or bundle a few together!

What I love most about them is that they are mostly one-size-fits-all (with the exception of the vest, but thats an easy one because it doesn’t have sleeves!). You won’t have the stress of wondering if your gift will fit the recipient, and in my opinion, anyone should be happy to receive these cute pieces! read more


4 Easy Pick-Me-Ups for Busy Moms

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The new school year is upon us, which means moms run ragged super quickly. Between the school drop-offs and pick-ups, orientations, kids’ activity schedules, backpack and paperwork organizing, remembering where and when to be certain places with the kids… The list goes on. I know my mind is swirling with just the influx kindergarten reminders and procedure notices! Add everything else on top of it, and I’ve got a drained battery. read more


How to Survive the Summer Heat

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Whether you spend your summers at the pool, the beach, the lake, or in the mountains, the summer heat can be a hard thing to endure! Ever feel that you and your skin are super thirsty in the summer? Or that you hair feels like legit hay?! Ugh! And maybe worst of all, do you ever notice that the lines between your eyebrows become more pronounced from squinting in the bright summer sun?! I’m going to tell you about some necessities that will help mitigate these pesky issues and make your summer more enjoyable! read more


5 Things I’m Currently Crazy About: Beauty Edition

Maybelline Total Temptation Eyebrow Definer Pencil

For the longest time, I didn’t know what to use on my brows. The easiest thing for me to do was use a chocolate brown color from an eyeshadow palette to fill them in!

I picked up this Maybelline Eyebrow Definer Pencil because it looked easy to use and didn’t require a sharpener. I am hooked!

All I do is lightly outline my brows with it and then fill them in with short strokes. Then, I use the brush end to make everything more tame and uniform. My brows haven’t looked this good probably ever! read more


An Awesome Skincare Brand for Eye Treatments

Since growing our family I’ve also grown my eye bags and a few wrinkles.  Actually, I thought I had some major baggage and darkness pre-children, but my eye bags have taken on a whole new zip code.  Sometimes, the puffy little buggers seem to have a zip code other than my house!  Not cool.  Thankfully, there are some eye treatments I’ve been using that have helped migrate my bags back to their appropriate zip code.

And with the grown family came some new eye wrinkles. All the worrying and not sleeping…ugh! Thankfully I have VIIcode skincare products in my life to revive the skin around my eyes! Let me tell you about them read more


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