My Master Closet Design

When we bought our house in 2013, it had very large his and hers master closets with very little design. Our closets were basically wide open spaces with a few shelves and lots of hanging space. Having come from a small house in Philadelphia, we were thrilled with the closet…

Lessons I’ve Learned During Self-Quarantine for Covid-19

I really cannot wrap my head around this pandemic, can you? It’s so many things. It’s disturbing, it’s frightening, it’s inconvenient, tiring, difficult sad… It has certainly gotten my mind floating into a different headspace. I feel like I’m in the twilight zone, headed into the unknown (cue Elsa). But…

5 Ways I Squeeze in Self-Care

Since I became a mom 6 years ago, I really put self-care on the back-burner. I went from being an elementary school teacher to a stay-at-home mom trying to juggle twin infants, a new house, laundry, cooking, a new town… Don’t get me wrong, I make it appear is though…

Casual Spring Clothes 2020 from Target

We just got back from Disney World, where we had unusually chilly Florida temperatures. I kind of prepared for that, thank goodness, but I came home really hating my wardrobe! I definitely wasn’t happy to see a lot of it. Bring on spring, please! So the first chance I got,…


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