Top Essentials and Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

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We are in the height of summer, and these 90 degree, humid days have been stifling my mood. I often feel extra sweaty and tired, and I find it super difficult to be outside unless I’m in a pool. In an attempt to beat the summer heat, I began using specific essentials and doing certain activities to boost my mood. I can’t wait to share my ideas with you!

Beat the Summer Heat: Treat very hot days like a rainy day.

Who says you have to be outside in the summer?? You totally do not! Treat it like a rainy day and stay in! Take advantage of the following easy indoor activities that will surely help you stay cool beat the summer heat.

Go shopping!

Use the most unbearably hot days as an excuse to go shopping! I dress in a comfy chic outfit and always put sneakers on my feet! My feet are happiest in sneakers, but they still get sore and tired. And there isn’t anything much worse than being hot and sweaty and having aching feet. So I slip these pain relief insoles by Superfeet into my sneaks.

Superfeet Insoles

Here’s why I love these insoles!

  • Their MEMORYCLOUD memory foam molds to your feet to personalize comfort!
  • The extra support keeps my feet comfortable the entire day, so that I avoid foot fatigue.
  • Their contoured shape really hugs my arches and cushions my heels.
I can take on the world in these Superfeet insoles!

Have a relaxing self-care day.

I find it amazing how much better I feel after doing a simple face mask or reading a book in the quiet. Take advantage of the dog days of summer and take care of YOU!

Organic skincare day with Sky Organics

Currently, my favorite mask to use is this one by Sky Organics.

  • This mask helps with blemish control, which I often struggle with in the hot and humid weather. The summer heat does not do my skin any favors!
  • It’s organic skincare, vegan, and cruelty-free!
  • My skin feels so clean and smooth after I rinse off the mask. Total mood-booster!

I follow the mask with a few spritzes of this refreshing Sky Organics Blemish Control Clarifying Facial Toner. The witch hazel and lavender water smells sooo good and relaxing, and it also:

  • reduces excess oil
  • is USDA certified organic, vegan and cruelty free
  • can be used several times throughout the day (not just following a mask).

And lastly, I finish off the summer self-care routine with blemish control spot treatment. It’s a great natural alternative to salicylic acid with its blend of black cumin seed, tea tree oils, and white willow bark. I use it 1-2 times per day and it keeps redness and irritation at bay. And who needs extra irritation in the extreme heat?! I certainly do not.

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You can also find Sky Organics skincare at select Whole Foods stores starting July 20th!


Read a good book.

Hot summer days just scream for good books! Whether you’re staying cool by the shore, floating in a pool, or staying in (like me), reading is the perfect summer activity!

I like beating the heat indoors, but if you choose to bring your books outside, an enticing read can surely take your mind off any brutal heat conditions.

I’m currently reading…

The Secret Keeper of Jaipur

Written by New York Times bestselling author Alka Joshi, The Secret Keeper of Jaipur is the sequel to her novel The Henna Artist. (However, you do not need to read The Henna Artist before you read the sequel!) This book is also a Reese’s Book Club pick!!

In this rich and captivating tale, henna artist Lakshmi invites her apprentice, Malik, to intern at the Jaipur Palace. He ends up working for the Facilities Office at the palace on a state-of-the-art cinema project. With the collapse of the cinema balcony on opening night, Malik sets out to uncover some deep and dark secrets of the palace.

You need to add this lavish novel to your summer reading list, for sure!

TIP: Do the Sky Organics mask while you indulge in your summer reading!




Beat the Summer Heat: Add some special treats to your daily routine when you’re on the go!

No time to treat the hot summer day like a rainy day? Indulge in some small gestures that have big impacts! Here are some ways I like to do this.

Add a face scrub to the morning routine.

Why add a face scrub to your morning summer routine? Face scrubs polish your skin, making YOU feel more polished, even on the hottest of days! They exfoliate dead skin cells and dry skin caused by too much sun exposure. Plus, it feels really indulgent to incorporate a scrub into my morning skin care routine once or twice a week.

Here are my current favorite face scrubs (by Tree Hut, which means they contain all natural exfoliants!):

Brightening Pineapple & Papaya Face Scrub

Bring on the summer vibes! Aside from smelling absolutely refreshing, this one has Vitamin C via pineapple, which is a face-brightening powerhouse! Other helpful ingredients include:

  • Papaya with natural enzymes that help eliminate dulling, dead skin.
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) to improve tone and texture.

Purifying Blueberry & Turmeric Face Scrub

My skin tends to get super dried out in summer due to sun exposure and chlorine, and my pores get clogged with sweat and makeup. This face scrub has helped me so much! And of course it smells incredible, as well!

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Here’s what its power ingredients do:

  • Blueberry that contains Vitamins A & E to soften skin and seals in moisture.
  • Turmeric that calms, purifies, and tones.
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) to improve tone and texture.

Throw on some press-on nails.

This only takes ten minutes (no drying time whatsoever) and makes me feel sooo much more put-together, which is a must when the rest of me is hot and sweaty!

If you’re not into press-ons, you could also try a quick-drying nail polish.



Beat the Summer Heat: Stay hydrated!

I cannot explain to you how thirsty I get in the summer. And staying hydrated is SO important for so many reasons.

And sometimes I get tired of drinking plain water, or I don’t feel hydrated enough no matter how much I drink. That’s why I like to add these HALO electrolyte powders to my cold water.

Beat the Summer Heat: Stay hydrated!


HALO On The Go Hydration Powders (Lemonade + Pink Lemonade)

While these powders can be helpful if you work out a ton, they can also help with just your usual daily grind! I totally need to pour a packet of this electrolyte powder into my water around 3pm each day, when I often grow super tired. Who has time to be tired at 3pm? That’s sometimes my busiest time of day!

Here are some things to know about HALO:

  • contain vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals to replenish you (great for air travel, after long workouts, daily grinds…)
  • 15 calories and low sugar
  • refreshing taste
  • contain organic lemon juice, natural electrolytes, zinc, magnesium, and 1,200 mg of Vitamin C (Hello, immunity boost!)
  • contain B vitamins
  • safe for everyone including kids and pregnant women
Beat the Summer Heat: Stay hydrated!

Experience complete hydration. Shop now on and use code: HALO20 for 20% off.

Final thoughts on ways to beat the summer heat

We all know that pools and cool air-conditioning help us beat the summer heat, but now you have some other ideas for feeling your best during the summer! Keep these essentials and ways in mind:

  • Go shopping in comfy sneakers lined with Superfeet insoles.
  • Stay in and have a self-care day or to read a book.
  • Add a face scrub to your morning routine.
  • Apply press-on nails or a quick-drying nail polish.
  • Stay hydrated with electrolyte powders.

Which of these will you incorporate first?


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