The Best and Easiest DIY Nails

Thanks fo the pandemic, I have learned some nail hacks that give me salon-worthy results! I can’t say I don’t miss having my nails done professionally, or that I will never go to the salon again (Mama needs a pedicure.), but I have saved tons of time and money by doing my own nails.

I discovered this nail hack around Christmas time, when I wanted some cute festive holiday nails. I stumbled upon the cutest press-on nails while browsing Amazon, and I figured I had nothing to lose! Once I received the nails, I couldn’t believe how easy it was to apply them, and they lasted a full 7 days!!

Have a look through my recent DIY manicures!

holiday nails
almond-shaped, nude colored nails
black press-on nails
multi-colored almond shaped press-on nails
valentines day press-on nails
spring and summer press-on nails, easter nails

A few tips

All of the nails I wore in the photos above are by imPRESS Nails, which is a Kiss Nails company. imPRESS nails come with adhesive attached to each nail, so you literally press them on!! Kiss Nails mainly come with glue. I tried a different nail brand with glue, and I had a heck of a time with the mess. However, I would like to get better with the glue, because the glue-on nails seemed a little sturdier!

Match the sizes to your nails and lay them out before applying. Do both thumbs last! And hold each nail down for about 15 seconds!

In rare cases, I have to also use nail glue, and I have found this one to work really well!

Watch me apply a set of press-on nails here.

And if press-ons aren’t your thing, check out my review of Essie Gel Couture nail polish (the most popular post on iev!).

Shop my nails

Now, if you have an event to go to, and you don’t have time (or even want) to go to a salon, you have these nails as a DIY option. I can’t stop and won’t stop buying them! AND THEY SELL PRESS-ON TOENAILS, TOO!!!


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