Hair Accessories that Will Make a Fashion Statement

Hair Accessories that will make a Fashion Statement- hair clips, scrunchies, hair goals

As a girl who grew up in the 90s, I am so so happy scrunchies are back in town! I really think they are here to stay! And not only do I love topping off my look with a scrunchie or two, but I enjoy using cute little hair clips! I have seen an explosion of hair clips in all the boutiques, in my fave stores (like Anthropologie), and on Etsy!

And if you are not that adventurous with your outfits and aren’t quick to try out all the new fashion trends, adding a hair accessory or two can painlessly do the trick for you! I’ve scoured the internet for the cutest hair clips for women, and adding any of these favorites to your hair can really help you make a fashion statement! read more


How to Create a Sun-Kissed Makeup Look

I recently did a collaboration with Jumprope, which is a super easy-to-use video-making app. They had reached out to me, asking me to create a how-to video of my choice using their app. At first, I wasn’t sure if I was going to choose the fashion route or do a beauty tutorial. But one day, when I was glitterizing myself, it inspired me to show you how to create a sun-kissed makeup look!

I know I’m no video-making maven, but I hope this makeup idea inspires you and puts you in a sunny mood! read more


Makeup Monday: Almay Make Them Jelly Hi-Lite

While browsing a local drugstore the other day, I couldn’t resist picking up some new makeup for myself. (You may have seen my haul on Instagram.) And the most irresistible of the four products I bought is the Almay Make Them Jelly Hi-Lite in Unicorn Light ?

Almay Make Them Jelly Hi-Lite in Unicorn Light

Why Did I Have to Have This?

I really didn’t need a new highlighter, because I already use one that I really love! But the pretty pink packaging caught my eye, and when I read that it was called Unicorn Highlight, well, the rest is history!!

What’s It Like?

The texture is super intriguing. It kind of reminds me of something my kids would play with, such as slime.  But once you get some on your brush or finger, it’s more like a balm. read more


Can’t Miss Black Friday Deals at Ulta!

I love Ulta so much!  You can score beauty products on any budget!  They are building an Ulta 2 miles from my house, and believe me, I will be in there once a week once it opens!  In the meantime, check out my favorite Black Friday Deals at Ulta!

Can't Miss Black Friday Deals at Ulta

Ulta- Shop STARTING THURSDAY, 11/22 at 5pm CT

You get a FREE 9-piece gift with any $60 purchase!  Online only.

Here are my absolute favorite beauty products from the sale.  There is so much more over on Ulta’s website!

Can't-miss black friday deals at ulta

I’ll be back soon with more Black Friday sales! Be sure to follow my Instagram for updates!

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Makeup Monday: Nourishing Color Rich Lip Shine

How are you enjoying my Makeup Monday series?  I love sharing my makeup finds with you!  Today, I’m taking a closer look at the lip color I wore in this makeup look.  I’m a huge fan of shiny lip products because they add color and extreme moisture, which is something I really need during the drab and dry winter months.  (However, I do wear lip gloss all year long!)  Enjoy a closer look at one of my  favorite nourishing color rich lip shine products!

Nourishing SPF Lip Shine



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