Adorable Themed Christmas Tree Inspiration: Plaid Gnomes

Story time!! Last year, we went to a local Christmas tree farm to chop down huge, fat, real Christmas tree. We hoisted it atop our car and drove home to decorate it. Well, it literally disintegrated two weeks before Christmas! Turns out that it had some sort of bugs! Ugh! All of the needles fell off, which made all of the ornaments slowly crash to the ground, one by one. It was a terrible mess! I STILL find needles from that fiasco, one year later.

My friend came over to help me take down the monstrosity, but it was so big and fat, we couldn’t get it through the door. So we chopped off all the bottom branches, tossed them out the window (see below), and finally carried the tree out to the deck. We were going to toss the tree over the deck railing, but we lost control of it. Instead, it went bouncing down the deck steps 😂 It was so comical!! You gotta laugh, right?!

This was the disaster I dealt with last Christmas!!!

I happened to have a spare artificial tree to save the day for Christmas 2019, but it is quite small. This year, we decided to go all out and purchase a new…

flocked King of Christmas tree, and I am in love!!

While we love still the idea and tradition of choosing and chopping down a real Christmas tree at a farm, we have to admit that having a beautiful artificial tree is waaaaayyy less hassle. Plus, we don’t have to worry about it dying before Christmas or getting rid of it after the holidays.

Gnomes are irresistible to me, so I decided to go with a “There’s Gnome Place Like Home” tree theme! I hopped on Amazon and found some of the cutest gnomes to adorn our new tree!

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While I had hoped to use a rustic, farmhouse-style wooden box in lieu of a tree skirt, the stand on this tree is so big. I would have had to have a custom box built. So I just used a tree skirt I bought at Terrain a few years back. There is always next year!

Of course my daughters added some of their favorite ornaments! But for the most part, I stuck with plaid or buffalo plaid gnomes, pine cones, and burlap ribbon! I also added some classic Christmas balls for some pops of holiday color.

Pin me for later.

My Christmas Tree Shop

Happy decorating!!


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  1. 12.3.20

    Okay loveeee this theme! So adorable and it looks amazing! Also I’m dying at that story of your tree from last year haha, hate that happened to you, but I’m sure it definitely made for a comical memory looking back! Xx.

    • 12.3.20
      Jackie said:

      Lol! I’m giggling. While it was all going down, I was miserable, but it’s mega funny now!!!

  2. 12.3.20
    legalleeblondeblog said:

    Haha that tree story is amazing! lol! and LOVE your tree decor!

    • 12.3.20
      Jackie said:

      Haha it is pretty funny 🤣🤣🤣

  3. 12.4.20

    Such a cute theme…love how it all turned out! xoxo, Sarah

  4. 12.4.20
    Stephanie said:

    You’re right – this is a totally adorable theme for a Christmas tree. I love it! I’ve never done a themed tree, but I’m always telling my husband that whenever we have the space, I’d love to have two trees: one that’s themed and one that’s personal. That way I can switch up the theme as I choose, without sacrificing my favorite ornaments on our personal tree!

  5. 12.4.20
    Marlene said:

    WOW! Your tree is just stunning! The gnomes are super cute too, there’s an idea I wouldn’t have thought of!

  6. 12.4.20

    Oh my gosh! I love the way that it turned out, the gnome thing is so cute!

  7. 12.7.20
    Em said:

    your tree turned out beautiful!

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