My Sustainable Fashion Philosophy + A Must-Have Eco-Friendly Fall Bag

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I feel it, guys! I can feel a hint of fall air and hear autumn in the late summer breeze, and I am here for it! The weather was so beautiful over the weekend, and I got a chance to wear a cute fall outfit!

I styled my fave new cropped bootcut jeans from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and topped the look off with an awesome new eco-conscious backpack from LUNA Bags!

Who doesn’t love a good, mid-sized backpack bag once fall hits?! Fall is such a busy time with the kids’ burgeoning activities and school events, so I am ALWAYS looking for a larger, yet comfortable bag to tote all my (and their) stuff!

I’m going to tell you about LUNA Bags, a brand of fashion bags I am quite new to, that supplies beautiful, sustainable, and eco-conscious bags. But first, let me tell you a little bit about the fashion philosophy and style goals I have adopted since the pandemic hit in March.

My New Fashion Philosophy

Because the pandemic limited my shopping to online only, I have become super in-tune to what my wardrobe needs, what I love, and how to identify impulse buys.

Let me preface the following sentiments by saying I ABSOLUTELY LOVE shopping. It is my favorite thing to do! But I am now making a concerted effort to refine my shopping habit and only buy functional, chic, comfortable, essential items I KNOW I will use and wear, and incorporate environmentally-friendly pieces and sustainable fashion where I can.

Here is what I have learned since not being able to do much (any) in-store shopping:

  • I used to walk up and down the aisles of Target and throw semi-cute items into the cart because it was thrilling and because the items were trendy. Did I NEED another floral jumpsuit? No.
  • Hence, I am trying to focus my wardrobe to many timeless pieces, sprinkled with some inexpensive trendy items.
  • I used to buy things because I thought said things were the “it” items to have (Enter 800 pom pom sweaters.) Did I necessarily l love them? No.
  • And rarely did I research how any item was made or its impact on the environment.
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Now, because I buy everything online, I have really honed in on purchasing only things I know I could use in my wardrobe (No one needs 10 floral jumpsuits taking up space in their closet.), and I have better learned to research where the item was made and how the item was made (levels of ethics, sustainability, eco-consciousness).

Disclaimer: I am not perfect at this. But I AM making more of an effort to research products, especially fashion items like bags and purses. Which brings me to…

Sustainable Bags by LUNA

I’m so happy to have discovered this beautiful backpack bag! As I mentioned above, I have been making more of an effort to research brands and where their items come from. Here is a little bit about the LUNA Bag brand, which encompasses the core value of “Be Who You Are”:

THIS IS LUNA – Preserving nature and protecting the worldโ€™s inhabitants is their mission. We embrace human beings for their individuality and uniqueness – for who they are.

Sustainable Fashion Brand LUNA Bags

The brand embraces all people, and its creators believe that when people understand who they truly are and become responsible, they place themselves in an ideal position to care for their surroundings.

The brand utilizes innovative materials to achieve sustainability. LUNA bags are unisex and are made of:

  • recycled plastics
  • plant-based faux leather (made up to 73%)
  • algae-based foam
  • Prop-65 compliant safe and green, water-resistant finishing

Luna Bags Slow Fashion Philosophy

LUNA Bags encompasses a “less is more” mindset, which includes being:

  • environmentally-friendly
  • animal cruelty-free

LUNA creates beautiful, chic, functional, and sustainable backpacks and convertible crossbody bags that are available in both olive and grey. (Psst! I LOVE neutrals!)

LUNA Eco Backpack

I’m wearing the backpack bag in olive! Isn’t it so perfect for fall?! And it has just what I need for my busy fall lifestyle: tons of pockets and lots of inside space. It fits my laptop so I can blog on the go! Yay!! I am so thrilled because I was using my old ratty computer bag!

Doesn’t it look so high fashion?! No one would know I have it stuffed with kids’ water jugs and a bunch of snacks. Ha! And I love that I can keep my essentials like lip balm and my iPhone in the little pockets! I wish I had this when I traveled to Disney World during the winter!

It has a pocket for my MacBook and fits all of the snacks for my kids!
Or I can store drink containers in either of the side pockets!
Easy access pockets with self-closing snaps for all of my smaller items! ๐Ÿ’„

LUNA Convertible Bag

This one is next on my list. You can wear the Convertible Bag as a mini backpack OR a side shoulder bag. Like, what?! Talk about refining your wardrobe and buying only what you love and need. This brand is awesome.

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The bag is roomy enough for work and weekends, too! It’s just not as large/bulky as the Eco Backpack.

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While I can’t say I have a nearly 100% sustainable fashion philosophy, I love becoming more aware of ways that I can be. Plus, only buying things I love and know I need and will wear is a huge step for me. Every little bit helps! Cheers to your new fashion journey, friends!


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