LuLaRoe Leggings and Tops: Everyday Wear That’s Not So Everyday

Who doesn’t secretly want to live in leggings and tees?  Every.  Day.  That would be me.  But not just any leggings and tops.  I don’t need any leggings that perpetuate any muffin top or make me look like a gym rat.  And I don’t need a tee that’s too tight or inflexible.  I want to look fashionable and feel fabulous.  LuLaRoe leggings and tops effortlessly make me look and feel both of those things.

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You can’t go wrong with LuLaRoe.  All of the items are super versatile, meaning you can pile on the accessories for a fancier look or add colorful sneakers for an athleisure vibe- and anything in between!  All body shapes and sizes are welcome to one of the happiest clothing lines I have ever seen.  The bright color palette and interesting patterns are an instant pick-me-up! (Check out my previous LuLaRoe post to learn more about the brand and see my fashionable and functional- and not so everyday- maxi skirt.)

lularoe leggings and tops
Photo via Jackie and Barb’s Facebook Shopping Group

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I was lucky enough to sample this Irma top and leggings outfit.  I am going to show you two different looks I created with the outfit to display the pieces’ versatility!  And you can see in the photo above that there are a range of body sizes and styling options.  (All the girls are wearing the variations of the Irma top and the leggings.)  Please let me know in the comments which of my looks you like better!

LuLaRoe Leggings and tops
Athleisure vibe

The length of the top is perfect for leggings.  I always want to cover up a little in back so that I don’t look like I’m headed for the gym.  And the waistband of these leggings is so moldable, and it doesn’t cut into your torso at all.  We’ve all had our experiences with muffin-top inducing leggings!  LuLaRoe Leggings and tops

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LuLaRoe Leggings and Irma
Casual chic look

LuLaRoe Leggings and topsLuLaRoe Leggings and tops

My mind is still churning with more outfit possibilities…  How would you style these leggings?

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If you are interested in purchasing leggings or a cozy Irma top, check out Jackie and Barb’s Facebook group.  (They are lovely LuLaRoe consultants and are offering my readers a discount- $10 off your first purchase.  Just mention the code THATSWHATSUP during check out!  They have amazing Halloween prints in stock right now, too!) Jackie and Barb are a best friend team from NJ who have always struggled with finding affordable, fashionable clothing that was functional for their curvy bodies.  They first discovered LuLaRoe in April of this year and were instantly hooked!  They were stunned, wondering where LuLaRoe products had been all their lives! (As do I.  I am a loony for leggings all winter long, so I can’t wait to grab some more patterned ones.  Buh-bye to basic black everyday.)

In addition to the Facebook Group, you can also track Jackie and Barb’s LuLaRoe items and events on social media or contact the girls directly:

Instagram: lularoejackiebarb
Periscope: LLR_jackiebarb
Twitter: LLR_jackiebarb
That’s whats up in fashionable and functional style today.  Please feel free to share with your readers, friends, and family!  And don’t forget to tell me which of my looks you prefer!

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Thank you to Jackie and Barb, LuLaRoe consultants, for giving me this product to try out and share with my readers.  All opinions are my own.

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