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Valentine’s-Inspired Gear You Can Wear All Year Long!

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There’s no denying that hearts are just so cute and happy! I wear heart-themed jewelry and clothing all year long! And I purchased an adorable lip and eyelash printed top at TJ Maxx over the weekend, and it inspired me to craft this blog post! Lips are equally as cute as hearts, and you can also wear them any time! So here are my favorite Valentine’s-inspired wardrobe items you will want to keep wearing all year long!

Hearts, Lips, and Cuteness, Oh My!

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A Head-to-Toe, Casual Chic Valentine’s Day Outfit

I had shared this outfit photo on Instagram, and it was a huge hit! Everyone loved the light pink heart sweater. Some of you already snatched up the sweater, and for the low price of $28.98, you can’t go wrong! It comes in more colors, as well. read more


Event Wear with a Wow Factor

Hey, everyone!  I cannot believe it is already February!  Doesn’t it seem like 2018 is just going to fly?!  With that being said, it’s still very much winter, and some of you may still have some post-holiday work parties and events to attend.  Plus, it is almost one of my favorite holidays- Valentine’s Day!  Today, I’m sharing ideas on women’s event wear for any special occasion (for any time of the year).  We all need some event wear with a wow factor in our wardrobes!

Event Wear with a Wow Factor- customizeable red dress

Can you believe this dress can be worn 100 different ways??

The look above is 1 of 13 that I’m showing you, but the possibilities are endless.  And it’s SUPER easy!!  The dress has snaps in 7 different places so that you can customize the length and flow. 

Be sure to see the gif at the end of the post to see how easy it is to transform the dress! read more


Simple Valentine’s Day Décor

Let me be honest.  My decorating for Valentine’s Day is just an excuse for me to sprinkle a little pink everywhere.  And when else can I decorate with heart-shaped adornments?  I began decorating for Valentine’s Day shortly after New Year’s.  I just kind of tired of all of the Christmas stuff shortly after the holidays this year for some reason.  So I thought I would spread the joy to you by inviting you into my home to view all of the pink and happy decorations!  Come on in and see my simple Valentine’s Day décor.

Valentine's Day Decor- pin



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