Event Wear with a Wow Factor

Hey, everyone!  I cannot believe it is already February!  Doesn’t it seem like 2018 is just going to fly?!  With that being said, it’s still very much winter, and some of you may still have some post-holiday work parties and events to attend.  Plus, it is almost one of my favorite holidays- Valentine’s Day!  Today, I’m sharing ideas on women’s event wear for any special occasion (for any time of the year).  We all need some event wear with a wow factor in our wardrobes!

Event Wear with a Wow Factor- customizeable red dress

Can you believe this dress can be worn 100 different ways??

The look above is 1 of 13 that I’m showing you, but the possibilities are endless.  And it’s SUPER easy!!  The dress has snaps in 7 different places so that you can customize the length and flow.  Be sure to see the gif at the end of the post to see how easy it is to transform the dress!

Looks range from classy to sexy, and anything in between.  Plus, these dresses make for awesome convertible costumes!  How awesome is it to have a dress in your wardrobe that can be super elegant but also used as a convertible costume?!  Keep reading to find a special coupon code!

Let's discuss some looks!

Costumize MeCostumize MeCostumize Me

In the look above, I pinned up each side and added a sequin blazer.  This ensemble is perfect for a work party or cocktail party because it’s not super short, and while the sequins add a fun element, the blazer keeps the look on the conservative side.  But if you ask me, the outfit has some serious wow factor!

Below, I am wearing the dress by itself.  I simply snapped up one side.  Isn’t it just so elegant and classy??  It’s a great idea for a Valentine’s Day outfit!

Costumize Me Costumize Me

Now, if you’re headed to an event that’s a little more light and flirty, you can snap on some accessories! Here, I snapped on a winged halter strap.

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Costumize Me Costumize Me

Costume accessories really help transform the already customizable dress.  For the next look, I kept the feather wings, but I snapped up the front and sides of the dress.  To complement the black feathers, I added faux leather leggings.  I topped it off with some devil horns for totally bad-ass look!  (Although I think I look kind of like a sweet bad-ass…)

Which event would you wear this look to?  I think it’s totally perfect sports fan fashion, especially if you’re a fan of Duke Blue Devils or the New Jersey Devils hockey team!

The next look gives me total 20s vibes!  I love it for any event, but it would be perfect for a 20s-themed party or event.   You could also add a fur stole, cape, or jacket and some jewelry to make it even more of a costume.

For this next look, I removed the feathers  and rearranged the locations of snaps.  Then, I tucked the front of the dress into my faux leather leggings.  It gives the dress a ruched effect, which is elegant for any special event.

And more accessories...

Next, I utilized more accessories- detachable straps.  They actually come with the dress!  I simply attached one to each side and tied them in a bow atop my shoulders for a sweet and sassy look.  The flames on the straps are subtle but totally stand out, so you could wow with this look at any event!

I snapped up the sides and front of the dress and removed one of the detachable straps for this next look, which I consider to be a sexy look (also fit for Valentine’s Day).  I used one of the straps as a halter!  (Notice the halter and the front of the dress are each snapped in the same spot.  That’s because you can attach 2-3 snaps in each location.  Genius!!)

I threw a sequin blazer on top and detached a few of the snaps for a more elegant look.  Easy, breezy!  Detaching some snaps definitely gives me flamenco vibes here.

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Pop on the devil horns and halter strap, and snap up all ends of the dress for this fun and flirty look.  Is it just me, or do the horns just make the outfit?!  I love them!

A few unexpected ideas...

Below, I snapped up the dress to make it as short as I could and added my favorite sequin miniskirt.  (It’s 40% off!)  This look is suitable for a cocktail party, NYE in the city, etc.

You can also check out this sequin mermaid convertible bandeau as a skirt option, along with this gold one!  It has flip sequin fabric, which gives you the opportunity to customize it even further by doodling a message or picture on it!

And check this out…  Wear the dress as a skirt!  All you have to do is turn the dress around so that the rhinestones are in back.

You know what I love best about the below look??  You could totally wear this during the warmer months on a trip to the Caribbean.  Red is not just for winter events!

Event Wear with a Wow Factor- customizeable red dress Event Wear with a Wow Factor- customizeable red dress

Above, I wrapped one side of the skirt around the front and snapped it in the back.  Below, I simply detached the snap and left the skirt as is.  More flamenco vibes!  Maybe I should take up dancing lessons…

Event Wear with a Wow Factor- customizeable red dress Event Wear with a Wow Factor- customizeable red dress

Let's see the transformation in action!

Don’t you think you need one of these?!  You can save 15% on all Valentine’s Day category items with code THATSWHATSUP now until February 12!


Thank you to Costumize Me for sponsoring this post.

That’s what’s up in Valentine’s Day fashion!  Comment below with your favorite of the 13 looks!


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  1. 2.1.18

    That dress looks incredible! I so need that in my collection!
    ♥ Mae | maepolzine.com

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    Thank you! It really is!

  3. 2.3.18
    Sarah M said:


    Oh, so lovely !

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  4. 2.3.18
    Erin said:

    Jackie!!! What a cool dress! I love items like this that can be changed so easily!!! You look beautiful in all the pics too! I think my favorite is the halter look and the added sequin skirt look!

  5. 2.7.18

    Isn’t it crazy?! I wish I had the time, because I would love to challenge myself to show 100 ways!

  6. 2.7.18
    Claire Talks Beauty said:

    how cool is that! i love the design of this dress! very creative and pretty !

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