5 Best Gifts for Women in 2021

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Unsure of what to gift the females in your life? I’m sharing 5 of the best Christmas gifts for women in 2021.

If she is hard to shop for, or you are simply all out of ideas, read on! You will know what to buy by the end of this post!

Gift Idea for Crafty Women: Cricut Joy

This crafting machine will surely bring joy to your DIY-loving gal pal. I use mine all the time to make custom and handmade cards for my friends and family! Most recently, I created a baby shower card for my friend of 20 years. She appreciated the fact that I made and personalized a meaningful card, rather than buying a generic card in the store. I also made a matching vinyl sticker to place on the gift bag to give the entire present a cohesive, thoughtful look.

Handmade cards are so easy to make with Cricut Joy! All you have to do is choose cardstock, create or find a design on your computer using Cricut Design Space, set your cardstock on the compatible card mat, and click the designated prompts to send the design instructions to your Cricut Joy!

Christmas card made with cricut joy

I mentioned above that I also created a vinyl sticker. Cricut Joy doesn’t just cut cardstock! It cuts 50+ materials, such as:

  • iron-on
  • vinyl
  • paper
  • Smart Materials ™

This means you can create many things beyond handmade greeting cards, such as customized t-shirts, personalized decals, and professional-looking labels, which are wonderful for getting organized in the new year!

Cricut Joy is a smart cutting machine that will help both you and the gift recipient shine! Plus, you’ll get bonus points with your crafty friend.

Meaningful Gift for Women: Jewelry from Helzberg Diamonds

I can never ever ever have enough necklaces in my wardrobe. I LOVE to layer them in different ways for different outfits.

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How adorable is this Diamond Honey Bee Pendant?! When I saw it, I immediately fell in love with its delicate details, including 10k gold and 6 single cut round diamond accents. Helzberg Diamonds knows what they are doing, as they’ve been executing diamond expertise for over a century!!

Make your gal, friend, wife, mom, aunt, or grandmother feel loved with this Diamond Honey Bee Pendant, or get jewelry gifts ideas from Helzberg’s curated collection, a list of top jewelry gifts for under $600.

Gift Idea for Her: Candy Cane Shea Sugar Scrub from Tree Hut

I don’t know any gal who doesn’t want the gift of smooth, soft skin. And in the winter, my skin needs all the extra TLC it can get! I always have at least one body scrub from Tree Hut on hand.

This Candy Cane Shea Sugar Scrub is so festive and smells so good! Tree Hut crafted this body scrub with sugar, shea butter, peppermint, and vanilla, in addition to natural oils including Evening Primrose and Sweet Almond.

Did you know?

  • Sugar is a natural exfoliant.
  • Natural Shea Butter moisturizes, softens, nourishes, and promotes elasticity.
  • Natural Oils prevent skin dryness and balance hydration

This sugar scrub makes the perfect gift for her! Self care is such an important gift!

Best Gifts for Women Who Love Sweets: Chocolat-e

While we are on the topic of self care, let’s talk about gourmet chocolate! Chocolat-e’s discovery box contains 6 single origin, sustainable chocolates. Gift her a box of delicious gourmet chocolates she can enjoy alone or with friends! Tasting parties are always fun!

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Here are some facts about Chocolat-e (pronounced chocolate):

  • The brand is based on human rights and sustainability.
  • Their beans are 100% single origin.
  • Their chocolatier, Frédéric Cassel, is a two-time winner of Best Pastry Chef in France and the 2013 winner of the Pastry World Cup (French team).
  • The chocolates are intended to be savored, not simply eaten.
  • Packaging is small and made of recycled materials.

Save 15% when you sign up for the Chocolat-e newsletter!

Fun and Festive Gift for Her: Figenza

I’m so glad I now have fig vodka in my life. It has a fruity taste, which is a welcome change to original vodka, which I couldn’t often drink. Surprise her with a beautifully packaged bottle of Figenza this holiday season!

Figenza Mediterranean Fig Vodka is vodka derived from hand-picked Greek and Italian figs. This gives the vodka a unique, rich texture and beautifully-blended fruit flavors. You can become a mixologist with this vodka, because it pairs well with so many flavors!

Figenza is:

  • gluten-free
  • 31% alcohol by volume
  • made with 6x distilled ultra premium vodka, which is made from Scandinavian double-filtrated glacier water

Maybe she will invite you to enjoy a Figenza Mediterranean Mule with her! You might as well try! Get 10% off your order between 11/29 and 12/10 with code FIGSFORHER21.

Final Thoughts on Best Gifts for Women in 2021

Each of these gifts is unique and unexpected, which will surely win points with the women in your life. Within these 5 amazing gifts for her, there truly is a gift for any kind of gal (even those who are impossible to shop for)! I love them all so much that I can’t choose a favorite!


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