Fashion Items I Love So Much That I Bought Them in Multiple Colors

You guys need to know about the all-time great fashion items too, right?! I loved the fit, comfort, and style of the following pieces so much that I bought them in multiple colors, and counting! I need more of all of them!

AE Soft & Sexy V-Neck T Shirt

Here’s why I am crazy about this particular tee:

  • It has a v-neck. Why do I prefer v-necks? I find them to be more flattering (on me) than crew or boat neck tops. The V creates are more streamlined silhouette and prevents me from looking topheavy.
  • It is buttery soft and smooth.
  • It’s ultra-comfortable.
  • The back is slightly longer, so I can wear it with leggings!
  • It comes in many cute prints!

Fit tip: Size down. I’m usually a medium but I buy a small in this tee.

Aerie Boyfriend Voop Oversized T Shirt

I’m hugely fond of boyfriend tees! I love that you can tuck them, knot them, or just wear them as-is!! Here’s what’s so great about this oversized tee:

  • It has a voop neck, which is a cross between a v-neck and a scoop neck! Again, I find this neckline flattering and more interesting than crew neck-style tees!
  • The fit and length are perfect and help me achieve that #stayCHIComfy vibe. It is truly oversized, so I wear a small.
  • The material is thicker and not as soft as the material of the Very Sexy tee I showed you above, but it is equally as comfortable.
  • This tee comes in so many colors and prints!

Aerie OFFLINE Real Me High-Waisted Legging

If you’ve tried lululemon leggings before (love them!), you’d find that these Aerie leggings are very similar (for a fraction of the price!) They are:

  • high-waisted
  • comfortable
  • flattering- They come in short, regular and long! I wear the medium long.
  • smooth
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…and they are all on sale today!

Amazon Brand Joggers Stretch Cotton Knit Twill Zip Pocket Jogger Pant

I searched my fave Amazon brand, Daily Ritual, one night before bed for some new comfy threads, and I luckily stumbled upon these awesome joggers. I followed the reviews and erred on the smaller side and got a small. It fits perfectly, although the pants are somewhat cropped on my really long legs. I don’t mind, though! I bought them in olive and charcoal!

Here is what I love:

  • These are NOT sweatpants material, which means you can totally dress them up!!
  • However, they feel just as comfortable as sweatpants! Woot Woot!
  • The zip closure pockets make them more stylish than your average joggers.
  • They aren’t too baggy or too tight, so they are figure-flattering.

Do you have any fashion items that you love so much you buy them in multiple colors? Let me in on your secrets!


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  1. 12.21.20

    One can never have too many tee shirts. I love the cool and slouchy look on the ones you have on.


    • 12.21.20
      Jackie said:

      I agree. They are good for so many different outfits!

  2. 12.21.20
    Rach said:

    Oo I’ll have to check these out!

  3. 12.21.20

    Those tops are adorable! I loved the camo one especially, camo is so in right now and is great to style! Xx.

    • 12.21.20
      Jackie said:

      Camo is always a great idea right??

  4. 12.21.20
    Jessica said:

    All about the joggers. Love these here!

    xo Jessica
    an indigo day

  5. 12.21.20
    Stephanie said:

    It’s always so much fun learning about the items that people love so much they’ve purchased them on repeat. Great picks for sure! I’m a huge fan of the voop shirt haha!

    • 12.21.20
      Jackie said:

      Haha don’t you just love that term?! And the neckline is so comfy. I’m wearing the gold voop today.

  6. 12.22.20
    kileen said:

    So many awesome t shirts here. I find myself always buying multiple colors of clothes I love like for jackets and shirts.

  7. 12.22.20

    I totally buy multiples of the same style in different colors if I love it. I can see how these are some good ones! xoxo, Sarah

    • 12.22.20
      Jackie said:

      Love finding such great things!

  8. 12.22.20
    Lizzie said:

    I totally do the same thing! If I find something I love, I buy it in every color and pattern lol!! That tee comes in so many different prints – love it!


    • 1.7.21
      Jackie said:

      I love all my clothes but the good basics are hard to find, so when I find great ones, I snatch them up!

  9. 12.24.20
    Stephani said:

    I love that tee!! I have it in multiple colors too!! So good!!

    Xo, Steph

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