Top Gifts for 6 Year Old Girls: Everything on My Twins’ Christmas Lists

I cannot believe that I’ve already mailed my girls’ Christmas lists to The North Pole! It’s not even Halloween yet! In fact, last year, we didn’t even mail any lists to Santa. We were too busy running here and there and doing all the things we felt pressured to do pre-pandemic. I now realize that we were doing way too much, which was probably the result of a little FOMO.

But now that we are literally home ALL THE TIME, we have gotten ahead of holidays and will even actually be able to enjoy them. We even made special pumpkin Rice Krispies Treats yesterday, and I have never carved out time to bake before! Speaking of carving, we also carved two jack-o-lanterns over the weekend. Last year, we carved one, and it we rushed to do it at 7pm the night before Halloween. With two five-year-olds. Talk about scary lol.

Allow me to preface this gift guide for 6 year old girls by saying that all of these items were on either or both of my daughters’ lists. And embarrassingly, I bought them all. 😂 I feel so badly that they can’t go to school in-person or participate in regular activities, and I just love them so much and want them to have the best time!

I divided this guide into sections for you! I’m sharing what is going into each stocking, too! Let me know if you have any questions!

Stocking stuffers

Here are the ideas:

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You may have to set the coloring books next to the stockings 🙂 And the girls have been begging me for Poopeez. So I caved, and bought a pack of 4 to split into 2. Actually, Santa caved. Ha!

They asked for slightly different things, so the content of their stockings is not identical.

Stocking #1

Stocking #2

Arts & Crafts

We have so many activities in this house!! Arts and crafts have taken over all of my spaces.

My daughters really love horses and unicorns, and one of the girls in particular loves painting and art! She asked for the Breyer horse painting kits.

She also asked for the Fizzing Unicorn Dig, and since I knew they would both enjoy it, I bought two.

And they are literally obsessed with anything that has to do with LOL Dolls (They don’t have too many on their lists because they already have soooo many!), so I decided on my own to order the LOL Fashion Design Studio and the LOL Makeup Artist Studio.

Dolls, Dolls, Dolls

As I mentioned before, my girls have way too many LOL Dolls already, so this year, they only asked for a few. One of my daughters is really into Barbie now, and she asked for so many! She would play with her all her dolls (LOL Dolls, LOL OMG Dolls, princess dolls, Barbies) all day every day, if she could!

I got them each a 2020 Holiday Barbie, because they love all the fancy dresses. I had only gotten them a Holiday Barbie one other time for their first Christmas, and I won’t let them take them out of the boxes. Ha!

Doll and Stuffed Animal Accessories

While both girls do like Barbie, one of my girls has a stuffed bunny, which is her absolute favorite toy! She asked for these Our Generation sets for her bunny. 💜

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And the Barbie Dream House is for the Barbie-loving gal, of course! I can’t believe I ordered it, because we already have like 3 dollhouses!

Here are a few other random things that I bought. Some are gifts from the girls to each other.

I hope this list is helpful! I have never ever had my Christmas shopping finished before November! It feels so good to have all the gifts en route to my home!


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