5 Ways I Squeeze in Self-Care

Since I became a mom 6 years ago, I really put self-care on the back-burner. I went from being an elementary school teacher to a stay-at-home mom trying to juggle twin infants, a new house, laundry, cooking, a new town…

Don’t get me wrong, I make it appear is though I perform oodles of self-care because I have fresh highlights, a full face of makeup, and a fair amount of clothes, but it’s just not the case. I struggle to squeeze in self-care, but I think it’s very important to overall being. Especially now in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak!

Here are 5 ways I squeeze in self-care.

Simple Self-Care Ideas

1. Nightly Skincare Routine

No matter how tired I am at night, I make sure to at least wash my face. But my skincare routine usually consists of way more! And it only takes 10 minutes!

I start out by removing my makeup. Lately, I’ve been using this product from Dermalogica, and it really melts off my makeup! I’ve used
Dermalogica a lot over the years, and I keep going back to them!

Next, I like to spritz this antioxidant spray onto a cotton round, and gently wipe my face. It smells so good!! Like I’m at the spa getting a facial!!

Then, I apply eyelash serum above my top lash line (I use Rodan + Fields. Read more about their products in this post.) I top it off with this Clinique eye concentrate, which I have been loving! It’s really light and doubles as an eyeshadow primer.

After, I use this Vitamin C serum on trouble spots, such as darker areas that I have on my forehead. Vitamin C is said to brighten dark spots on the skin.

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Lastly, I apply an anti-aging night cream, but I don’t currently have a favorite. I keep bouncing around between different moisturizers! If you have a fave, let me know!

2. Read

You may be thinking, “Well that’s not self-care.” But to me, it is. I love the sweet sound of silence and the minimalistic look of words on a page. It really helps me clear my mind and relax. Plus, I feel like it’s something only for me. It’s not a Netlfix show or social media that I share with someone else, but a story that is only being seen by my eyes. You know. Me-time!

Here’s what I’m reading. Book recommendations, please! Leave me a comment!

3. Take a Bubble Bath

These are far and few between, but when I can sneak in a bath, I love the blissful quiet time! Also, I if I can sneak in some reading on my Kindle while breathing in the scent of lavender, I feel like I’m layering on the self-care!

4. Drink Extra Water

Sometimes I get so busy or interrupted that I forget to drink water! Water is so essential to keeping us healthy, both on the inside and the outside, so drinking more water is probably the most important way I can squeeze in self-care as a busy mom! I have noticed that when I am more irritable or don’t think as clearly, I am thirsty!

Here are some cute reusable water bottles for you to sip on.

5. Listen to My Favorite Music or Watch Friends

Music has a way of taking me away from my own swirling thoughts. Sometimes that’s all I need! I just turn on some T. Swift or Queen, and I instantly calm myself. It’s a super simple, yet highly therapeutic strategy. lyrics + melody = calm

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Similarly, I feel that laughter is a great avenue for me to sneak in some self-care. Even if I just turn on Friends in the background, I ALWAYS INSTANTLY smile at the characters’ lines. I mean… “They don’t know that they know we know we know.” Come on. I dare you to try not to smile at that!! Phoebe is the best!

So tell me. What are your favorite ways to practice self-care?


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