Rodan + Fields Give It A Glow Mini Facial

When winter ended, my skin was feeling extra rough.  I also felt as though it looked just plain blah (which it did).  I had been wanting to go in for a professional facial, but I just don’t have the time.  Unfortunately, grocery shopping and the occasional (but consistent) pedicure tie up any “free” time I do have.

Thankfully, an angel of a Rodan + Fields consultant swooped in and asked me to test out the Give It a Glow facial.  I know, perfect timing, right?!  Of course I said I would Give It a Glow with Rodan + Fields!  (hehe)  And the entire facial takes less than 2 minutes.  LESS THAN TWO MINUTES!!

Rodan + Fields Give It a Glow Mini Facial

Rodan + Fields Give It A Glow Mini Facial

So what does Give It a Glow facial consist of?  It’s a mini facial with 3 components:

  • Micro-Dermabrasion Paste– It’s oil-free and provides smooth, gentle exfoliation to improve skin texture.  Note: You can only get the packet below, which is good for 2-3 uses, from a consultant.  When you purchase the paste, it comes in a tub and will last you about 9 months.  You can also use it on your legs or rough spots like elbows.  Plus, use it before applying self-tanner to really give it a glow!
  • Night Renewing Serum– It’s in the blue capsule below contains Retinol and peptides to combat aging and diminish the appearance of wrinkles and pores.  Note:  When you purchase the serum, you get 60 capsules in a tub.  I was able to get two uses out of one capsule.
  • Lip Renewing Serum–  This serum (in the silver capsule) is full of peptides and vitamin E to provide maximum moisture and minimize the appearance of lip wrinkles.  Note:  You get 60 silver capsules in one tub when you purchase.  I was able to get two uses out of one capsule.
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Rodan + Fields Give It a Glow Mini Facial

Rodan + Fields Give It A Glow Mini Facial: How To Use

This is one of the easiest and least messy facials I have ever tried!

  1. Squeeze half of the packet of Micro-Dermabrasion Paste onto your fingertips apply to clean, dry skin for 30-60 seconds.  Rinse  and pat dry.
  2. Open the blue capsule and use at least half of the Night Renewing Serum.
  3. Use at least half of the Lip Renewing Serum in the silver capsule.

Rodan + Fields Give It a Glow Mini Facial

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Rodan + Fields Give It A Glow Mini Facial: My Thoughts

For some reason, I didn’t expect the Micro-Dermabrasion Paste to be so light.  It was more of a sugar-scrub consistency and not as thick or heavy as I thought.  This was a pleasant surprise to me, since I wasn’t looking to have a messy heavy gray paste under my nails and such.  The granules in the paste felt so great against my skin and were dispersed evenly throughout.  No joke, guys.  My face was softer than a baby’s skin!  Instantly!

And the next morning, my skin appeared brighter despite lack of sleep.  You’re going to want to include this paste into your regular skincare routine, because the product is gentle enough to use 2-3 times per week to keep your skin constantly glowing!  

The Night Renewing Serum  was clear, light, and my skin easily and gladly absorbed it.  I want to keep using this to reduce the size of my pores, which I never noticed until a year or two ago.  It was something I never before had to worry about, but fortunately this serum can help!

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Onto my favorite part of this mini-facial: The Lip Renewing Serum!  This liquid gold was very smooth and almost like a thin Vaseline, but it wasn’t goopy or sticky at all!  I usually apply balm like a fiend all day long because I HATE having dry lips (which is why I can’t get into the matte lip craze).  And before bed, I usually put on a good two layers of Burt’s Bees balm, but it doesn’t last me through the night.  I used this serum alone- no balm on top- and it lasted the entire night.  I neeeeed this stuff in my life and want to buy it in bulk.  Like, yesterday.Rodan + Fields Give It a Glow Mini Facial


That’s what’s up in skincare today.  Have you heard of Rodan + Fields before?  Also, let’s chat in the comments about your current skincare routine and how the Rodan + Fields Give It A Glow Mini Facial would fit into it!

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  1. 4.17.17

    Thank you for sharing! I honestly hadn’t heard of R + F until this post. But I am glad I know now!

  2. 4.17.17

    It is an awesome exfoliant! Nothing has ever made my skin that immediately soft.

  3. 4.17.17
    Kristy said:

    So glad you liked the products!! Please let me know if any of you have any questions about Rodan + Fields products.

  4. 4.21.17

    Oh! I am so happy to talk to someone who tried it! It does not leave my skin tight in the slightest! Isn’t it a great product? I am reviewing the eye cream. The post should be published by tomorrow! Have you tried it??

  5. 4.21.17
    meaghanrae said:

    Wow, two minutes! I’m curious to hear about the eye cream from this line too, if you try it!

    • 4.22.17

      Yes, two minutes! It truly is amazing. Plus you can use the paste on your legs, etc. I just published the eye cream post!

  6. 4.21.17

    The lip serum is something I need in my life! I am also on who struggle with dry lips and it’s one of the most annoying things every! Thanks fro sharing 🙂

    • 4.22.17

      I’ve really gotta get on that and purchase a tub of the lip serum. I think I’ll do it today! My lip balms don’t last the night, and I wake like a lizard.

      • 4.24.17

        Me too! I feel it’s a must have beauty product!

        • 4.24.17
          Kristy said:

          Hi! I’d be happy to answer any questions about the lip serum or any other Rodan + Fields products. I am offering a free mini eye cream to the first two new preferred customers who order and mention these posts.



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