Current Nightstand Essentials

Since everyone has a bedtime routine and items they keep by their beds, I thought I would share my necessities!  You’ll have to let me know if you have any of my current nightstand essentials or if there are any items I should absolutely add to my stash!

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Nightstand Essentials: The Skincare

Now this is not all of my nighttime skincare, but I like to have these few items by my bedside.

For the face:

Rodan + Fields Lip Renewing Serum.  You can read more about it in this post, but this stuff is a must!  You apply the contents of one capsule to your lips right before bed and wake up to lips that aren’t the slightest bit dry!  Before I started using this serum, I slathered on regular lip balm before bed but still awoke with parched lips.  I highly recommend this R+F Lip Renewing Serum.

Dermalogica Antioxidant Hydramist.  I treated myself to a facial a few months back, and my aesthetician recommended this toner mist.  It’s great for those who are worried about aging and fine lines because it contains a Vitamin C complex and collagen-boosting peptides to improve elasticity, and Hyaluronic Acid to really hydrate your skin.  I spritz it on right before I climb into bed and use it up to 5 other times throughout the day.  I can’t get enough of it!  It even refreshes makeup!  Buy the full-sized version here!  Not sure if you’ll like it? (You will!) Try the travel-sized version.

Update!  Here is a new addition to my nightstand essentials: products from Shaklee’s YOUTH Advanced Anti-Aging Regimen*.  I love using a Radiance C + E capsule under their Youth Activating Serum.  The best thing I can do for myself at my age is load up on quality skincare with vitamins and antioxidants.  Shaklee YOUTH  products are all 100% vegan and cruelty-free!  Plus, they are free of more than 2,500 harmful chemicals that may be present in other skincare products.  I love that I can safely anti-age with Shaklee!  current nightstand essentials- Shaklee YOUTHcurrent nightstand essentials- Shaklee YOUTH

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If you struggle with your nighttime skincare routine, check out this post!  It will make getting ready for bed way less daunting.

    • For body and hands:

Kono Naturals CBD Lotion*  If you’re wondering what CBD is, no worries.  I had no clue what it was prior to using this soothing lotion.  CBD is a miracle compound found in hemp that has been known to treat certain skin conditions and topical pain.  It’s an anti-inflammatory and can even lower stress levels, all while smoothing wrinkles and beautifying your skin.  Like, what?!!  And since the scent is infused with relaxing notes of lavender, sage, and eucalyptus, I love applying it to my temples and neck just before bed!  You can see Kono below on my hand, and you can buy it here!

Rodan + Fields Redefine Brightening Hand Treatment.  I wash my hands way too much throughout the day, so I really look forward to slathering on this moisturizing hand formula before bed.  It absorbs really quickly and isn’t greasy at all, and I wake up to smooth hands.  This treatment definitely works better than other hand creams I have tried, and I am going to get one to keep in my purse, too!


Nightstand Essentials: Odds + Ends

Trinket dishes always seem to call my name!  You can use them to set small baubles in, but these cute little dishes also add a bit of whimsy to any nightstand or table!  I found this cat one at Francesca’s last fall.

I couldn’t find this exact dish for you, but look at all of the cute ones below! The cactus and the pineapple are my favorites!  I also included a couple of larger trays for you to browse.

Here are a few other items I always have at my bedside:

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a book– preferably a girly mystery novel.  I am really into anything by Liane Moriarty and just started reading this one.  Since I’m JUST getting into it, I can’t review it for you, but I have included some of her other books below (along with a few from different authors) that I’ve already read.  They are must-reads!  And I gotta catch the Big Little Lies show with Reese Witherspoon!  Have you seen it??  Please comment below with some book suggestions for me!

earplugs– to block out snoring and other noises 🙂

a bottle of spring water

my iPhone, of course– with white noise playing in the background.  I just got the pretty sparkly case below!

nightstand essentials, bedtime, skincare, skincare routine, lifestyle, health

That’s what’s up in lifestyle today!  Please let me know of any book recommendations and other items you think I am missing from my nightstand!

Stay in touch. 


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