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Happy 2020! I always want to majorly declutter and organize at the start of a new year. Maybe it’s the new year or the taking down of all the Christmas decorations, but I always want to do a serious home edit! And this means that I need to purchase new home storage and decor items!

home organization ideas for toys, makeup, and more

Storage Solutions for Toys

First things first, I know I’m not the only person who feels as though her house is overstuffed right after the holidays. Between the decorations and all the new items my family received as gifts, I am having trouble figuring out how to store everything. Have you gotten a copy of The Home Edit yet? I am obsessed! It’s total goals!

The Home Edit book

My girls are SUUUUPER into LOL Dolls, and we probably have over 100 of them. Because of the high volume, the dolls no longer fit in in my old Caboodle that I had as a teen, so I am thinking about buying this. It will help me keep track of all the girls’ tiny little LOL shoes and accessories. We also have an obscene amount of Shopkins and My Little Pony figures, and don’t get me started on Hatchimals. My brain is exploding just thinking about all the scattered little pieces!

I also think these little containers could be helpful to us at times. And for the kid’s craft supplies, how much of a dream is this storage set by the gals at The Home Edit?! My girls are really into crafts and projects, and we have way too many supplies. I have trouble containing them with my current mix-matched system of containers.

Storage Solutions for Tupperware, Batteries, and More

Leftovers are my fave for a number of reasons, one of them being that they mean I don’t have to cook! But they do require Tupperware-type containers of various sizes (and their lids). And the lids tend to jump off of shelves, creating an avalanche of plastic. I need this simple but genius lid organizer in my kitchen cabinets! #itsthelittlethings

Let’s talk batteries. Right now, we have them in some kitchen junk drawers (shudder). The batteries still rest in their original but open packaging, which makes it hard to open and close the drawers. I need this battery organizer storage case that even has a removable battery tester!

As I said before, I love matching, stackable containers, and I think these containers could help me organize my linen closet (or other closet). When I open a closet to an oasis of matching storage containers, my life just feels so much more put-together.

Storage Solutions Disguised as Home Décor

I’m always on the hunt for my accent furniture to fill my home, and when pieces have storage options, it’s hard for me to resist! Can you ever have too many benches (or storage space)?! This bench is dreamy and 25% off right now! Adding to cart.

cute storage bench from Kirkland's

Storage ottomans are always a great option! They can double as coffee tables if they are large enough, too! I LOVE this octagon ottoman and want it for my living room, but it is a little pricey for me right now.

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Lastly, this ladder-style basket storage is so cute for a mudroom or entry! It is on sale for under $100 right now!

Which type of storage option do you need the most in your home? Are you getting organized in the new year, as well? Leave me a comment!


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  1. 1.7.20

    I’ve totally been bit by the new year organizing bug! You have some great ideas, thanks for sharing! xoxo, Sarah

    • 1.7.20
      Jackie said:

      I am cleaning out big time! The clutter is so suffocating!!

  2. 1.7.20
    rebecca piersol said:

    I DESPERATELY need to get organized this year so these are some great options!!! Need to come back to this one for sure.

    xx rebecca

  3. 1.8.20
    darleenmeier said:

    The battery storage case is genius! Need to buy! And those clear containers look perfect for all the little things around the house.

    • 1.8.20
      Jackie said:

      The batteries drive me insane! And if they fall out of the package and get loose, sometimes they lose their power!

  4. 1.8.20
    Candace Hampton said:

    I love my Tupperware, but it is a pain. The lid organizer is awesome and exactly what I need.

    • 1.8.20
      Jackie said:

      Yes! Tired of all the kids falling over.

  5. 1.8.20

    I honestly need all of these! Our home has very minimal storage besides in the kitchen so creating additional storage is something we really need to work on. Thanks for sharing this gal!

    xo Laura Leigh

    • 1.8.20
      Jackie said:

      We used to live in a small place in the city but now have a larger home and I still need these storage options!

  6. 1.8.20
    blogthirtyminusone said:

    I have to say that furniture with storage is my favorite. And quite frankly a must in my home.

    Xx, Nailil

    • 1.8.20
      Jackie said:

      Yes! I can’t get enough. And I love baskets

  7. 1.10.20
    Renee said:

    These are great ideas! I have been needing to organize everything, as well as pack for a vacation.

    • 1.10.20
      Jackie said:

      Good luck with packing!! It’s def not my fave.

  8. 1.10.20
    lyddiegal said:

    The battery storage with the tester is a great idea, and I love how pretty and functional the storage bench is!

  9. 1.10.20
    miriam said:

    i need to declutter and organize my life! all of these items look so great!

  10. 1.12.20
    Greta said:

    Love all these great organization tricks and tips! I need to take a page from your book and get more organized!

  11. 1.13.20
    Ophelia said:

    Organization makes me so happy! I love it when everything has its place in my home. Also that battery organizer is brilliant!

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