How I Keep My Energy Up During the Holidays

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I love so many things about the holiday season!  From the Christmas commercials to the festive decor, and from holiday music to the shopping, I soak it all in!  But that doesn’t mean the holiday season doesn’t stress me out more than any other time of the year.  Because it totally does.

While I really enjoy giving gifts to the ones I love, I always feel pressure to find the gifts that will make them happiest.  And yes, I love holiday decorations, but knowing I have to take them all down in January?  That stresses me out!  Plus, it always seems that the social calendar overfills itself around the holidays.  I have trouble living in the moment rather than thinking about how to fit everything in and still find time to sleep.

And the extra clutter?  It makes me feel super suffocated!

Thankfully, this year I have PLUS CBD Gummies to help bring balance to my life!  I’m going to tell you how they give me energy and help relieve stress during the holiday season.

How to deal with Stress, Anxiety, Sleep, Inflammation with CBD Products, PLUS Gummies

What are PLUS CBD Gummies?

If you think you’ve been hearing a ton about CBD, you’re right. It’s all the rage, lately. CBD is derived from the hemp plant and has been known to relieve stress, decrease inflammation, and improve sleep!

PLUS Products, a California-based company, created a brand-new line of hemp-based CBD gummies. Here’s what you need to know:

  • PLUS Gummies contain 100% CBD isolate, which means they are high-dose.
  • They contain no THC, which means they are non-intoxicating and legal across the US.
How to deal with Stress, Anxiety, Sleep, Inflammation with CBD Products, PLUS Gummies

PLUS Makes Three Different Kinds of Gummies to Help You Find Your Balance

  • Uplift Grapefruit Gummies – These are the first I tried, because I totally need more energy. With two small kids, a cat, and house that seems to become cluttered in an instant (This literally happens.), I run low on energy. I’ll tell you more about my experience below, but these particular gummies are supposed to help kick you into high gear. Each zingy gummy contains 50mg of CBD, Vitamin B, and less than 5 calories!!
  • Balance Blueberry Gummies – The calming flavor of these particular gummies is there to help calm you and bring you back to your basic level. I know sooo many people, including myself, who need this, whether it’s the holiday season or not. Life is no joke! Each gummy contains fewer than 5 calories.
  • Sleep Blackberry Tea Gummies – My days tend to be longer during the holiday season, which means I have trouble winding down before bed. These PLUS developed these gummies to help people calm down so they can sleep. Each sleep gummy has 25mg of CBD plus 1 mg of melatonin! Enjoy calming blackberry chamomile flavors to wind down before dozing.
How to deal with Stress, Anxiety, Sleep, Inflammation with CBD Products, PLUS Gummies

Why Did I Try PLUS Products CBD Gummies?

As I stated above, I tried the Uplift version first, because I am totally lacking in the energy area. The grapfruit-flavored gummies totally seem to help get through my day without running on empty. I’ve been tackling my to-do lists like a linebacker on the Philadelphia Eagles. (Philly pride, here!)

Plus, I LOVE knowing the gummies are giving me extra Vitamin B!! If I can keep up with life during the holidays, I will definitely be better off on normal days.

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I think because I run low on energy, especially during the holidays, I experience more anxiety than usual. Plus, buying and wrapping gifts that are perfect for everyone on my list tends to stress me out. So I tried the Balance gummies next. So far, I feel less anxious and more able to go with the flow! Definitely don’t want to give up this feeling!

Bonus– These childproof containers look beautiful on a table and are perfect for carrying on-the-go, so I always have what I need at my fingertips!

And while I do tend to fall asleep super easily, I still have nights where I need a little help. If I feel especially wound-up before bed from having too many activities late in the day (very common during the holidays), I pop in a Sleep gummy to calm myself down. The flavor is really relaxing!

Or if I wake up in the night and can’t stop my mind from racing, I enjoy a gummy then. I have found that in either case, I fall asleep more easily than if I hadn’t taken a gummy.

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Do you have a particular time of year when you could use more energy? Leave me a comment!


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  1. 11.25.19
    Lee said:

    These sound really good, I’ve been meaning to try out some CBD products, and the gummies to balance sound like exactly what I need this time of year!

    • 11.25.19
      Jackie said:

      This is my first experience. I’d say it definitely helps take the edge off!! If you’re on the fence, cross it! Xo

  2. 11.25.19
    Stephanie said:

    CBD has been an excellent addition to my daily routine over the past few months. It’s become really helpful with my anxiety, it’s kept me calmer and more balanced during that time of the month, and it even helps me sleep. It sounds like these gummies are a great option, especially if you don’t love the idea of using just the pure oil!

    • 11.25.19
      Jackie said:

      I love them! That’s great that it helps you. Seems to be a wonderful innovation over the past couple of years. I’ve never tried the oil!

  3. 11.26.19
    Kileen said:

    I’ve been hearing so much talk about CBD gummies, these ones sound amazing and yummy! Definitely need to try them out!


    • 11.26.19
      Jackie said:

      I’m so glad I finally tried them!

  4. 11.26.19
    Stephani said:

    These sounds like the kinda gummies I need!! I definitely fee you on how crazy it gets during this of year and while it’s fun it’s also stressful! Cool you found something to help. I’ll have to check these out!

    Xo, Steph

  5. 11.26.19

    I’m learning so much about CBD this year. I had no idea there were CBD gummies. Definitely think these would help me during the holidays!


  6. 11.26.19
    Lizzie said:

    These sound really helpful! I need to try the sleep one!

  7. 11.27.19

    This post is much needed! I’m driving to DC tomorrow and definitely need some of this to keep my energy up!

    • 12.13.19
      Jackie said:

      I hope they helped if you gave them a try!

  8. 12.1.19
    Jasmine said:

    I love taking cbd gummies! It helps me at night.

  9. 12.1.19
    Brooke said:

    These seem like a definite necessity for the busy holiday season!

    • 12.13.19
      Jackie said:

      Absolutely! Definitely feeling the overwhelming demands over here!

  10. 12.1.19
    Em said:

    These sounds helpful – I have never tried cbd though

  11. 12.2.19
    Ophelia said:

    I’ve heard so much about CBD lately! Need to try these for myself! Ps. I also love how you styled these pics. So pretty!

    • 12.13.19
      Jackie said:

      Hope you give them a try! And thanks for the compliment! xo

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