5 Things I’m Currently Crazy About: Beauty Edition

Maybelline Total Temptation Eyebrow Definer Pencil

For the longest time, I didn’t know what to use on my brows. The easiest thing for me to do was use a chocolate brown color from an eyeshadow palette to fill them in!

I picked up this Maybelline Eyebrow Definer Pencil because it looked easy to use and didn’t require a sharpener. I am hooked!

All I do is lightly outline my brows with it and then fill them in with short strokes. Then, I use the brush end to make everything more tame and uniform. My brows haven’t looked this good probably ever!

Dip Powder Manicures

I’ve been getting dip powder manicures since the end of last summer, and I never turned back. Although I used to love painting my own nails with Essie Gel Couture, I grew tired of having to worry about doing my own manicures.

Not familiar with dip powder manicures? The polish is comparable to gel, in that it lasts 2 weeks. (It actually lasts as long as you want it to, as long as you are okay with seeing growth!) My nail tech prepares my nails and then paints on a special clear polish before dipping them in the powder color of my choice. She repeats the process for all nails and does 2-3 coats. At the very end, she applies a gel top coat, and I place my hands under UV light for just a short time. I leave the nail salon with dry, tough as nails nails! Hehe.

To remove it, she buffs my nails and then wraps them in cotton balls soaked with acetone. It is MUCH easier on my nails than gel because it is easier to remove! It kind of melts off my nails!

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I am thinking about doing a blog post to show you all of my dip powder manicures, but here is a photo of my current mani!

#summermanicure #summernails

The Beachwaver Co. The Wrap Up

I received this hair tool in my QVC Beauty Bash 2019 swag bag. (I attended the bash on behalf of QVC and took over their Instastories!) My hair is long but super fine, and it can be hard for me to create updos with volume! My buns usually look pretty tiny.

So I tried this Beachwaver Co. The Wrap Up for the first day yesterday, and it was awesome! Super simple to use (Put your hair in a normal ponytail, slip the ends through the Wrap Up, roll up, and bend into a bun shape!).

TOP ($12.99) // SHORTS ($15) // BAG // CHEETAH HEADBAND

When I removed it at the end of the day, my hair was voluminous and wavy, and I was sorry I was going to sleep on it. Maybe I will try sleeping in the Wrap Up one night so I can wake up with luxurious waves!

Rodan + Fields Lash Boost

I also plan on writing a more extensive post on this beauty product, but I will tell you I plan on using this forever!

My friend sells R+F, and I have been religiously using the Lip Serum each night (I get it on auto-ship.) One day, prior to the date of my auto-shipment, I browsed the rest of the Rodan + Fields products. I noticed the Lash Boost and asked my friend about it!

She sent me before and after photos of her lashes, and it was a no-brainer for me. I have gotten SOOO many compliments on my eyelashes, and because they are so long, it takes me like two seconds to apply mascara (more on that in a second!)

Maybelline Snapscara Washable Mascara

I’ll be the first to admit that I fell for the trendy and cute name of this mascara, but I certainly didn’t fall victim to it! It’s incredible! I used to use Chanel mascara (Read all about it in this blog post.), but at about $30, I grew tired of paying for it.

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I have found a few dupes for it in the past, but now I am stuck on Snapscara! I began using it even before I experienced the Lash Boost, and I loved it then! The brush is slightly curved to make application super quick and easy, and the bristles help me eliminate any chance of clumps, leaving my lashes long and full.

And while I apply the mascara in a snap, I also remove it in a snap. That might be the best part! When I wash my face at night, I don’t need additional eye makeup remover or anything! I simply wash it off with my usual cleanser- no raccoon eyes leftover.

What beauty products are you currently crazy about? Leave me a comment below!

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  1. 7.9.19

    Love all the tips in this email. I heard about the dip powder but I’ve been afraid to try it because gel manicures ruin my nails. Do you really think it’s much gentler? I can’t wait to try that mascara. I’ll definitely be buying that today. Thanks for the tip!

    xx Jenifer

    • 7.10.19
      Jackie said:

      Gel is definitely harder on your nails, because it does not remove as easily as dip powder. You end up having to scrape the gel. With dip, it really melts off pretty quickly after my nail tech buffs it a little and wraps my nails in acetone-soaked cotton balls. 15 minutes later, it is gone! No scraping required!

  2. 7.9.19

    Your mani is sooo fun and pretty!

    xoxo Sarah

  3. 7.9.19
    Lizzie said:

    Oooo! I haven’t tried any of these, surprisingly! Must change that asap!


    • 7.10.19
      Jackie said:

      Oh wow! Yes, you need them all!

  4. 7.9.19

    Jackie, I totally love your nails. I actually just started doing dip/SNS manicures last month. I was so surprised by how hard the polish is, but the beauty of that is it allows my nails to grow without the usual chipping. I kept my first dip manicure on for 3 weeks! I was seeing growth but it didn’t bother me. I actually kinda loved it because I’m so used to my nails growing and breaking immediately. If you check out my Instastories (@ohtobeamuse) in the next two hours you can see the dip manicure I just got yesterday. Loving it way more than gel.

    • 7.9.19
      Jackie said:

      I just saw this and went to your stories, but I think I was too late!! What color did you get??

  5. 7.9.19

    I have not tired these products. I will check out the brow pencil.

    ❥ tanvii.com

    • 7.10.19
      Jackie said:

      It has definitely made my life better!

  6. 7.9.19
    Megan said:

    I also really like dip powder manicures! I think it would be a great idea to dedicate a blog post of all your dip powder manicures!

    • 7.9.19
      Jackie said:

      Oh thanks Megan! I will! Not all the images are perfect but. The nails are hahah

    • 7.10.19
      Jackie said:

      I think I definitely will!

  7. 7.9.19

    That wrap up product looks so cool!! Would be interested to know what your hair would like after sleeping in it .. beautiful big waves I would imagine!

    How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

    • 7.9.19
      Jackie said:

      For sure. It looks like that just at the end of the day! Bouncy waves at the bottom of my hair.

  8. 7.10.19

    The Beachwaver Co. The Wrap Up sounds amazing! Love that your hair was all voluminous after wearing it all day. Think I’ll give it a try!!

    xo Laura Leigh

  9. 7.10.19

    Will have to try the others, I love that mascara!

  10. 7.10.19
    Greta said:

    That eyebrow defines pencil sounds great! I’m always looking for new products to fill in my brows.

  11. 7.15.19
    Em said:

    SNS manis are my absolute favorite!

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