Fashion Accessories That Will Transform Your Outfits from Boring to Scoring

Ever put on an outfit and just feel that it’s lacking something? I put on this maxi dress that found at TJ Maxx , and while I think it’s really adorable, I felt boring before I incorporated the proper fashion accessories.

Once I added a pretty bar necklace (more on that below!), chose the right handbag and shoes, piled on some bracelets, added some earrings, and found the perfect layering piece for a maxi dress- a long-line or boyfriend blazer- my confidence soared! (Even if my husband doesn’t understand my outfits sometimes. Ha!)

If that sounds like a lot of work, it’s certainly not! You just have to have your wardrobe and accessories organized so you can be a grab-and-go fashionista!

My Look

I’ve been wanting a bar necklace for the longest time, and I finally found the perfect one from oNecklace! The rose gold version I’m wearing above is customizable, because it’s a Roman Numeral date necklace!

Not only is this bar necklace super stylish and on-trend, it’s meaningful. (I chose to personalize it with my twin daughters’ birthdate.)

Bonus: The necklace is 30% off right now and also available in 24k gold plating and sterling silver. All oNecklace jewelry is nickel-free!

I saw this unicorn wall and HAD to snap a few pics in front of it!

Here are some other fashion accessories you need in your wardrobe!

Shop the look above:

My favorite part of accessorizing (aside from it being so fun!) is that it doesn’t have to be expensive! At all! You can make a huge fashion statement and really express yourself without spending all of your paycheck. I mean, because food, coffee, wine, bills, kids…

What are your favorite fashion accessories? Leave me a comment!

*Thank you oNecklace for gifting me the bar necklace and sponsoring this post.

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