Family Meal Planning Made Easy

It may seem like a small gesture, but simply planning out my meals at the start of each week helps me tremendously.  It takes away my anxiety about what to make each night.  Plus, it makes grocery shopping much easier (and allows me to be aware of what I need to buy!).  I’ve dabbled with meal planning in the past by jotting meal ideas down on fleeting pieces of paper.  But by midweek, I found myself searching for the lists!  Now, I’ve discovered a way to make family meal planning easy!

family meal planning, organization, lifestyle

Dry Erase Meal Planner Decal by Pinhole Press

Now I don’t really plan out breakfast, since that meal is usually simple.  I let the kids choose between a few easy items.  And I plan out lunch sometimes, but not nearly as often as I plan out dinner!  I make one meal for my husband and me, and then a meal each for my two girls.  (I do not know why they can’t want or like the same food!!)  So this meal planner comes in huge handy when it comes to dinnertime.

Here's What I Love Most About this Meal Planner

  • visible to my husband and in a location we see first thing in the morning!
  • blends in flawlessly
  • easy to wipe off with paper towel
  • easy to remove from wall
  • simple and minimal (not intimidating!)
  • can’t get lost
Family Meal Planning Made Easy; meal planner, organization, lifestyle
Sample Decal

I have successfully eliminated this question: “What are we going to do for dinner, hunni?” I don’t know why, but that question really gives me anxiety.  I don’t know if it makes me feel as though I don’t have my stuff together or puts pressure on me… But not having that question ringing in my ears is definitely a good thing.

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Now, my husband can simply look at the decal as he preps his morning coffee!

Family Meal Planning Made Easy 1

It Also Helps Me When It Comes to My Kids

Like I mentioned earlier, I don’t plan out breakfast.  So I just leave that column blank.  But this meal planner definitely helps me plan lunches for my girls.  Even if they decide not to eat what is on the menu, at least I know I tried.  It really helps me feel more organized!  Plus, I know which ingredients I need to keep on hand for the week!

And with the holidays coming, I need all the organization I can get!

Family Meal Planning- This Week's Meals by Pinhole Press

Family Meal Planning Made Easy- Pinhole Press Dry Erase Wall Decal

Get a Discount!

You can save 15% off your entire purchase at Pinhole Press with code ENVOGUE15.  In addition to this meal planner, Pinhole Press has countless photo gifts, dry erase wall calendars, and beautiful and affordable holiday cards.  I will be creating my holiday cards with them, so stay tuned!

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*Thank you Pinhole Press for sending me this meal planning decal!

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  1. 11.8.18

    I’m honestly not the best at meal planning but I think I could get better with your print out 🙂 Thanks for the awesome photos, tips, and graphics!

    • 11.8.18
      Jackie said:

      This dry erase decal is awesome! You actually order it from any of the links I provided. Then you can stick it in a convenient spot!

  2. 11.8.18
    21flavorsofsplendor said:

    I love meal planning! This dry erase decal makes it super easy and is so cute.

    • 11.8.18
      Jackie said:

      It really does! I love that it stays in one spot!

  3. 11.8.18

    THIS is what I need! I also jot down meal prep ideas on a piece of paper and lose it throughout the week, or forget if I put the notes in my phone, planner, or notebook. This would help tremendously, especially the visibility part. Now, I don’t have a husband or kids, but I’m a visual person, so it would help me out a lot!

    • 11.8.18
      Jackie said:

      Yes, girl, yes!! The flying papers. Ugh! And half my notes were on paper or in the phone. Now I can just write on this decal and take a photo with my phone if I have to! I should add that into the text! Xo

  4. 11.9.18

    Thanks for the tips and ideas! I’m not that great at meal planning although i really strive hard to plan healthy meals so i will definitely take all these tips into consideration 🙂

  5. 11.9.18

    Love the dry erase board idea. I’m with ya, the daunting question “what’s for dinner?” is instant anxiety. Thanks for sharing.

  6. 11.9.18

    I had no idea that Pinhole Press made these too! I’ve bought books from them before. I have a similar dry erase board for meal planning and I love being able to see the week in one quick glance.

    • 11.9.18
      Jackie said:

      It’s so helpful! Isn’t Pinhole Press great?

  7. 11.13.18
    tbsvare5 said:

    I am a huge fan of meal planning! We use a composition notebook and I put the meals and the grocery list in it. Like you, meal planning definitely helps me stay organized – and I need all the help I can get right now 🙂

  8. 11.14.18
    theweekendfox said:

    Meal planning makes life sooo much easier and getting the hubby to know what we’re having each day is truly a struggle haha (I do the planning and he usually does the shopping). This decal would work great in our home!

  9. 11.14.18
    Amanda said:

    I am all about Sunday meal planning, too. Helps our budget and maintains my sanity (somewhat at least!).

  10. 11.14.18

    Meal planning has bmheloed with my food budget and takes a lot of pressure off of answering “What’s for dinner?” I love this dry erase board. It’s much better than the scrap of paper I attach to the fridge!

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