Simple and Meaningful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Since Mother’s Day is on the horizon, I thought I’d share the gifts I will be giving the leading ladies in my life!  It’s really fun to put personal touches on gifts for loved ones! I’ve got two simple and meaningful Mother’s Day gift ideas that will spread some serious smiles!!

The gifts below will really touch the recipients’ hearts.  My 4 year old girls made them for their grandmas!  (I helped with the second gift idea.)  However, you don’t have to have preschool-aged children to share these gifts!  They are fit for gift-givers of all ages!

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Pinhole Press review

Pinhole Press

Pinhole Press is the best affordable photo gift site ever!  I used it to create my holiday cards, and I created a photo book of a NYC trip my husband and I took for our 10 year anniversary.  Both of these items turned out beautifully!  I will never use another photo site again!

Here are some standout customizable items they offer:

Photo Books

Sticker Books

Memory Games

Photo Books for Kids

Mother’s Day Photo Gift Collection

Mother’s Day Cards

Story Starter Poster Set

I chose the Story Starter Poster Set because it provides the opportunity for extra creativity!  The set comes with 3 different posters and an 11×14 frame (choice of white or black).  You choose photos for Pinhole Press to print on the posters (I chose a different one for each.).  Why 3?  You can rotate them from time-to-time!

How is this different than just printing photos?

The gift-giver gets to use his or her creative and artistic abilities to draw, color, paint, use stickers, etc. around the photo itself and add printed text at the bottom.  The possibilities are endless!

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Pinhole Press review

My girls are twins and only 4 years old, so their artwork is more on the charming side, but wouldn’t it be fun to have them create posters every year and make a progressive gallery wall?!

Pinhole Press Review

Interested in creating a set?  It arrives in a matter of a few short days!  You can browse Mother’s Day gifts HERE.

Photo Booth Magnets

These Photo Booth Magnets come in a set of 4, so you can create 4 different ones!  You can compile photos from certain vacations or occasions and present them to the deserving recipient in a photo booth magnet!

I love these because they make perfect gifts for any gal who has a filing cabinet or metal desk at work.  Memories at home, memories on the fridge, you name it!  Smiles all around!

Pinhole Press review

Have more than one leading lady in mind to receive a photo booth magnet?  You can give each gal 4 magnets, or create 2 each for separate gals.  It’s totally up to you!

Pinhole Press review


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For privacy purposes, I have blurred some faces in the images above.  All products were printed crystal clear by Pinhole Press!

Aren’t these the cutest simple Mother’s Day gifts?!  They are so simple, yet they are so meaningful.  Join me in spreading smiles this Mother’s Day!

*Pinhole Press sent me these gifts in exchange for an honest review.  Links are affiliate.

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  1. Oh I really love the photo frame idea. It is something that will look really pretty hanging up in the home and has meaning.

  2. I love all of these ideas so much!!! Those pictures they can color on is such a fun idea for little ones! I know my girls would love to do that. Definitely going to check out pinhole press!!

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