A Fun Fall Party Idea

We hosted our first annual Meatball Extravaganza over the weekend!  (BYOB- Bring Your Own Balls)  Isn’t that a fun fall party idea?!  I mean, what’s better than a kitchen full of delicious meatballs on a crisp fall football Sunday?!

While I didn’t originally plan on blogging about the party, I did take some photos I wanted to share with you!  Plus, my guests and I brainstormed ways to make the party even better next year!  Keep reading so you can recreate your own meatball extravaganza!

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My husband and I had gone to dinner with friends of ours in Philadelphia over the summer, and our conversation brought us to the topic of meatballs.  We all came up with the (brilliant) idea of having an annual bring your own balls meatball party in the fall!

We simply asked our friends to bring their own meatballs!  Couples showed up at our doorstep with crockpots filled with mouth-watering meatballs of multiple varieties.

My husband and I each made our own meatballs.  He made deep-fried meatballs with smoked mozzarella in the center (recipe at the bottom of the post!), and I made cheesy enchilada meatballs.  You can find the recipe here!  I HIGHLY recommend it, because I followed the recipe, and my meatballs were a hit!!

Cheesy enchilada meatballs. Click the photo for the recipe!
Deep-fried meatballs with smoked mozzarella in the center… Scroll to the bottom of the post for the full recipe!

My friend and her husband also each made their own meatballs.  She made decadent Oreo cheesecake truffles.   How clever is it that she placed licorice laces around the truffles to make it look like spaghetti and meatballs?!  I cannot stand how cute the presentation is!

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Oreo Cheesecake Truffles. Click the image for the recipe!

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Her husband made some super awesome traditional meatballs.  They were perfectly cooked and moist, although we all talked about how most of us cannot stand the word moist.  Who’s with me here?!

Anyway, I’m sure this cast-iron Dutch Oven had to have something with the amazing flavor of these meatballs!  The chef knew what he was doing!

Traditional Italian meatballs. Click the image for the recipe!

Besides my friend and her husband, 4 other couples arrived with delicious meatballs.  They ranged from Swedish to sweet and sour, and we even had veal meatballs!  I never thought I would have liked those, but they were incredible!!

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There really was no method to the madness.  We all just stuffed our faces with savory (and sweet!) meatballs and discussed the flavors. At the end of the Meatball Extravaganza, we each placed two votes- one each for 2 meatballs we really liked (not our own).

My husband’s deep-fried meatballs came took the first prize, while my enchilada meatballs came in second.  The traditional Italian meatballs I discussed above had the 3rd most votes.

I think next year, we should ask guests to bring a wine pairing for their meatballs. Then we can experience the meatballs fully and cleanse our palettes in between.  But in any case, this party was super fun, and I think it’s a fantastic fall party idea!!

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fun fall party idea, entertaining idea

fun fall party idea, entertaining idea

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I’m so glad I had all of my festive fall décor both inside and outside of my home.  The front porch really set the mood for guests as they arrived!

Do you have any fall party traditions?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. 10.17.18
    Meli said:

    What a great idea!! Like seriously I’m stealing this! LOL!! I loved the desert ones, what a fun idea!! Looked like a great time girl!

    • 10.17.18
      Jackie said:

      Those dessert truffles were DELICIOUS. I hope you do steal it! So fun!

  2. 10.17.18

    This is such a fun idea! I have friends who host an annual pie-off, and the meatball party really takes that theme idea and runs with it. Plus “bring your own balls” is too funny!

  3. 10.18.18

    This is such a cool party idea! I love the recipes plus the sweet meatballs dish! How creative. Feeling inspired to throw my own!

    • 11.6.18
      Jackie said:

      Oh I hope you do! It was super fun!

  4. 10.18.18

    Stunning pics….and such a cool party idea x

  5. 10.25.18
    Nicole said:

    What a fun party! Love all your meatball recipes!

    • 11.6.18
      Jackie said:

      Thanks so much! Everything was delicious.

  6. 11.6.18
    Jackie said:

    Oh that’s so fun! I bet it was fun to try different variations of a summertime classic!

  7. 11.6.18

    This is such an amazing idea, you can’t go wrong with yummy meatballs and great friends for a fun party!!

    • 11.6.18
      Jackie said:

      I agree! A great winning combo!

  8. 11.6.18
    Lyn Banghart said:

    Everything about this post is goals! I love the idea, and the pictures are awesome! thank you for sharing!

    • 11.6.18
      Jackie said:

      Aww thanks I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

  9. 11.6.18
    Rachel said:

    Oh man! The Italian meatballs look amazing. They look so savory and delicious.

  10. 11.7.18

    What a fun party idea! I love the inclusion of Oreo Cheesecake Truffles. It’s a perfect desert choice!

    • 11.8.18
      Jackie said:

      Oh they were such a delicious surprise!!

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