Fall Front Porch Decorating Ideas

Fall is absolutely my favorite.  Last week, I showed you how I decorated the inside of my home for fall.  Now, I’m going to show you my porches!  Pinterest is overflowing with tons of über-inspiring fall front porch decorating ideas.  After browsing and pinning, I concluded that more is more when it comes to decorating for fall.  Below, I’ll tell you why I had to make several runs to my local décor spots to gather more and more fall items!

My fall décor is appropriate for any front porch!  I chose items that universally flatter any steps and cozy-up any outdoor space!

rustic fall front porch, farmhouse fall front porch

rustic fall front porch, farmhouse fall front porch

rustic fall front porch, farmhouse fall front porch

Grab a Wide Variety of Pumpkins

When it comes to pumpkins, the more you have, and the more kinds you have, the better.  We started off at a local pumpkin patch with our girls.  Of course our four year olds piled orange pumpkins into the wagon.  It’s only natural!

But the farm also had an amazing market and shop, where I picked up some different-colored stacking pumpkins and my prized pink pumpkin!

rustic fall front porch, farmhouse fall front porch

rustic fall front porch, farmhouse fall front porch

Even though purchasing all of these pumpkins seemed like it would be enough, it totally wasn’t!  After setting out all the pumpkins on my porch, I immediately knew I wanted more.  And not orange ones.  I was literally on the hunt for a really ugly pumpkin and some gourds.  I also wanted to add more texture with a metal pumpkin.  All of the sizes and textures of pumpkins really adds character to a fall front porch!

rustic fall front porch, farmhouse fall front porch

rustic fall front porch, farmhouse fall front porch

Besides local farms and shops, here are my favorite fall décor shops! If you click on the links, they will bring you right to all the fall goodies!

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Mums Are a Given, but Don't Forget the Hay and Cornstalks!

Originally, I thought I was on top of things with the haystack.  But it’s just not enough for me.  I needed those cornstalks!  My husband made some comment about paying for dead corn or whatever haha, but I think they tie the whole porch together!  I feel like he has to agree with me…

rustic fall front porch, farmhouse fall front porch

rustic fall front porch, farmhouse fall front porch

Lanterns, Wagons, Wreaths, and More

How cute is this wagon?!  (I’m pretty sure the word “farmers” needs to be “farmers'” or “farmer’s”, but since the wagon is so cute, I’ll let that slide.  Plus, I can fix that!)  Initially, I set the wagon on the actual porch, but the big ceramic pots totally hid it.  So we set it in the garden.  Perfect!  It’s like we are heading home from the pumpkin patch with our goodies!  You can even use it all year long and actually plant flowers in it!)

I found it at Homegoods and only paid $40, but I have linked some cute ones in my shop below!

rustic fall front porch, farmhouse fall front porch

Lastly, the wreath (also from Homegoods) and copper lanterns add a cozy farmhouse feel to the porch.  Now, I am just waiting for cooler temps!!  Bring on fall!

Oh, and I almost forgot!  Here is our smaller porch.  I may still add to it.

rustic fall front porch, farmhouse fall front porch

My Final Thoughts

Rather than making multiple trips to various stores, just stuff as much décor as possible into your vehicle when you find a shop you really like.  If the place has gourds, flat pumpkins, colorful pumpkins, haystacks, cornstalks, mums… JUST LOAD UP! And grab some extra mums while you’re there!

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I think I ended up make three entirely different trips to pick up more items.  And while I do love my shopping, who has time for all that running around?!

Here is what the porch looked like after the first shopping trip.  Don’t you see a big difference?!


Fall Front Porch Essentials

And actually, I am thinking I should add even more nicknacks to the “finished porch”…  Why don’t you let me know you’re opinion in by leaving me a comment?  I would love to read your thoughts!  (If you haven’t checked out the inside of my home, you can here!)

You can also find me on Instagram or chat with me on Facebook!

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  1. 10.15.18

    Its nice to know im not the only pumpkin obsessed porch around lol, I purchased so many pumpkins the farmer had to help me take them to the car.

    • 10.15.18
      Jackie said:

      Hahaha girl I love that!!! You did it right!

  2. 10.15.18

    This is officially the most beautfil fall decor I saw this year!! I love how much care you put into it!

    • 10.15.18
      Jackie said:

      Oooh I really appreciate the compliment!! Happy fall!

  3. 10.15.18
    Stephanie @FitFoundMe said:

    Love the decor! I am really behind and you gave me some great ideas! Thanks

    • 10.15.18
      Jackie said:

      Don’t worry, girl! Even if you miss Halloween, you can keep fall decor up until Thanksgiving!

  4. 10.15.18
    Corinne said:

    I love your front porch! I have been wanting to put pumpkins out on our porch, but the squirrels around our home love to munch on them (who knew??) lol

    • 10.15.18
      Jackie said:

      Oh no way! It’s funny that you say that because one of our pumpkins has teeth marks! I think they are from a deer, though! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. 10.15.18

    You can never have too many pumpkins or mums on your porch this time of year! Looks great!

    • 10.15.18
      Jackie said:

      Oh I agree. I kind of want even more haha. Thank you!

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