What Are Porous Facial Implants?

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Facial implants are synthetic, specially designed biocompatible substance aimed at adding volume to various areas of your face. Porous implants offer stability and enhance tissue ingrowth. They are commonly used to improve shape on the cheek and chin areas. They are also used to adjust the angles on the nose and jaws. Since they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, it is easy to customize an ideal look that fit your face.

What can you achieve with porous facial implants?

Contrary to widespread perception, facial implants are not a solution for restoring a youthful appeal alone. They are also suitable for people who want to adjust specific features on their face. For instance, if you have always wanted to add tissue to some part of your face, then a facial implant is an ideal solution. Here are common scenarios where facial implants have been useful:

  • Adding volume to the cheek area, and adjusting the appeal of higher cheekbones.
  • Defining the jaw by adding extra support to a weak, receding chin.
  • Restoring a youthful look for a facial structure that appears sulky as a result of aging.
  • Correcting facial deformations, for instance, a big scar that remains after an injury.

How it works

 Facial implants are generally attached to the bones. So, the specific area on the face to be augmented must be identified by a specialized plastic surgeon. For jaw and cheek implants, doctors prefer incisions inside the mouth. If the surgery involves other procedures, then the surgeon may recommend an alternate incision. This includes placement through an incision within the hairline. Alternatively, doctors can do it through the lower eyelid. Chin implants are somehow straightforward. They can be placed through an incision on the lower side of the chin.

For the implants to be easily attached to surrounding bones, the surface of the implant must be rough. Besides this, there should be chemistry between the implants and the surrounding bone. So, a rough and porous implant offers a better bone integration.

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Augmentation techniques

Depending on your specific need, the doctor will help you decide which of the following augmentation solutions will help fix the problem on your face.


Forehead augmentation, also known as browplasty, is suitable for people who want to treat frown lines. It can also be used to mitigate bony deficiencies.


Cheek augmentation or malarplasty involves adding volume to the submalar or malar space or a combination of both. The main purpose of this is to elevate the chin tissues and compensate for soft tissue deficiencies. Emptiness on the cheek may be more pronounced on individuals with thin faces. Generally, it is one of the signs of aging.


 Mentoplasty or chin augmentation is a perfect solution to treat deficiencies in chin projections. This is a problem associated with retrusion of the mandible and soft tissue atrophy. A permanent chin procedure can be a stand-alone operation or as apart of neck and facelift. An ideal chin should be on the same level with the vermillion border in the sagittal plane. A variation of chin implant that is often applied together with midface lift is a pre-jowl implant.


Cheiloplasty or cosmetic lip augmentation can be done to mitigate the lip changes that come along with age, for instance, a diminished anterior projection or the growth of perioral rhytides. Besides this, lip augmentation is also useful to people who want to have full lips to keep up with the fashion trends. Permanent lip implant can now be accomplished through a simplified surgical procedure. Most of the new porous implants are soft and discreet.


Cosmetic rhinoplasty or nasal augmentation involves altering the shape of the nose to conform to the overall desired facial structure. It may also involve adding volume to the nose area. This is done without interfering with the normal functions of your nose.

Is a porous facial implant good for you?

Permanent porous facial implants are made using porous polyethylene plastic. This material has a long track record of safe use. This is a popular procedure around the world; thousands of people consider facial implants every year. Statistics from the American Plastic Surgeons show that more than 240,000 patients in the US had plastic surgery in 2011. Out of this, 46,931 were forehead lift surgeries, 11,996 were cheek implant surgeries while 20,680 were chin augmentation surgeries.

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When placed correctly by a competent professional, implants can give you impressive results, for instance, higher cheekbones, defined chin, and an outstanding overall facial balance. If used together with other surgical procedures like facelift, it can bring out a rejuvenated face with better facial structure. Examples, where a combined procedure works well, is chin implant combined with a neck lift. Likewise, midface lifting can go together with cheeks implants.

Permanent facial implants offer more benefit because there is no fluctuation in appearance. They provide support to damaged, sagging or aging tissues thus making them more relevant in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery field.

Generally, doctors perform facial implants with twilight anesthesia. The whole procedure is relatively simple. There could be little pain, but the incisions are well concealed. After the procedure, patients do recover in few days. The recovery time is dependent on nutrition, the overall health of the patient and the number of concurrent surgical procedures performed. Adherence to the doctor’s instructions will also affect recovery time. Dr. Stephen Weber will do his best to help you to understand the recovery of various permanent porous implants.

If you are in good overall health and need a quick and permanent procedure, you can visit or contact Dr. Stephen Weber to see what facial implant options will fit your situation. He is a dual board-certified facial plastic surgeon specializing in facial implants in Denver, CO. Besides this, he is a published author, consultant, and performs humanitarian work in various countries across the globe.



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