The Sustainable Fashion Brand You Need to Know About

I love all fashion.  But how awesome is it to love a sustainable fashion brand?  On this Wardrobe Wednesday, I’m going to tell you about a designer who tries to limit waste in her life by unleashing her creativity.  Keep reading to learn the story behind my outfits and a chance to enter a giveaway!
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As you can see, I’ve styled the dress two ways.  But that’s besides the point.  This dress is so beautifully-made that I honestly could not believe my eyes when I opened my package (The dress arrived wrapped in newspaper and tied with a bow made of leftover fabric.)
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The Dress

Erin from GarageCoutureClothes is the designer behind this adorable dress and countless other stylish creations.  (I’ve got a necklace to show you later in this post.)  Here’s the story behind this cute little shabby chic dress:
  • Erin loves to utilize all of her fabric scraps, such as the cute gingham trim on the dress and the collar.  How cute is that collar?!!  It just takes the already adorable dress to a whole other level of adorableness.
  • The construction of this dress is so impeccable!  I could not get over it when I first saw it. This dress far exceeded my expectations.  Just look at the details in my photos!

The Necklace

I didn’t wear this necklace with the dress, but I chose it because I love its sweet boho vibe and the length.  Long necklaces are a must in my wardrobe!

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Erin really does use all of her resources.  The little cuff pouch is so smart and charming!  And she used leftover polymer clay from her kids’ school project to design this necklace.

The Sustainable Fashion Brand You Need to Know About necklace

Here’s some information about the jewelry at GarageCouture:

  • Erin makes most of her jewelry from broken or repurposed items, including buttons and nails.  (Her entire line of nail jewelry sold out!)
  • She also made a collection of pendants and earrings made of illustrations from vintage Lithuanian children’s books (also sold out)!

Some Background on GarageCouture Etsy Shop

Erin likes to shop at thrift stores and has always enjoyed sewing and thinking outside the fashion box.  So she decided to pair her love of thrift stores and creating to make unique clothing!

She then realized she was really helping reduce the negative impacts the fashion industry can have on the environment.

Her sustainable fashion designs are adorable, and I have partnered with her to do a GIVEAWAY FOR YOU!!  One winner can choose anything they want from her shop!  Here are just a few of the adorable items.

The Sustainable Fashion Brand You NEED to Know About

Here are the rules:

  1. Like and follow Erin’s Facebook Page.
  2. Comment on this blog post about your thoughts on sustainable fashion (and my dress) 🙂

That’s it!!!  You have 1 week from the publish date to enter the giveaway.  I will contact the winner on Oct. 11 and announce it in the comments of this post.  Also, Erin will announce it on her Facebook page!  Also, be sure to follow her (and me) on Instagram, because we will be doing a separate giveaway there! (@erins_garagecouture, @thatswhatsupblogger)

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*Erin gave me the dress and necklace in exchange for an honest review.  The decision to review and all opinions are 100% my own.

That’s what’s up in (sustainable) fashion on this Wardrobe Wednesday.  This is such a fun giveaway!


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  1. 10.4.17
    BeautyByEmm said:

    I LOVE this dress, it looks amazing on you!

  2. 10.4.17

    What a wonderful post. I especially love how you styled the dress with the jeans and chunky cardigan. Darling. Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  3. 10.4.17
    Ciara said:

    Love sustainable fashion and really appreciate this blog post. Thanks for highlighting and u look gorgeous as always!

  4. 10.4.17
    Jodi said:

    Wow this is a really cool dress! I love how you styled it two different ways. Such a great idea for sustainable fashion. Thanks for the awareness.

  5. 10.6.17

    These days we barely think about what and how much we buy. I think it’s great there are people out there trying to change it! I should learn more about sustainable fashion. Great post and love the 2 outfits!

    • 10.6.17

      I really need to learn more, too! You’re right…I buy things left and right, usually not giving much thought to sustainability. Glad you like the outfits!

  6. 10.6.17

    That outfit looks amazing! I definitely need to check out and learn more about sustainable fashion.

  7. 10.6.17

    She’s super talented! I hope you entered the giveaway 🙂

  8. 10.6.17

    Thank you! Isn’t the dress adorable?

  9. 10.6.17

    I love the idea, too! Thank you. The dress can be worn any time of the year!

  10. 10.6.17
    Timelessly Trendy said:

    Seriously love this! That dress is gorgeous! xo timelessly trendy

  11. 10.6.17

    I love your dress! It is the cutest dress! You are totally rocking it… good luck with your contest! ❤️

  12. 10.7.17
    joniamac said:

    I love this dress and how you styled it! I will have to check out Erin’s store!

  13. 10.9.17
    Beauty Yogi said:

    Appreciate sustainable fashion so much more now! And your dress is unique and flattering ?

  14. 10.10.17
    Heather B said:

    Love it all! So beautiful and resourceful!

  15. 10.11.17

    I agree! I feel like they are very sparse in this world! Erin makes beautiful items!

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