Shopbop Sale: My Fave Free People Picks!

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Shopbop is having a huge sale!  Boy, do I wish I had been able to snag these Free People items on sale-  I have 4 of them!  But the good news is, you can!  All you have to do is use the code EOTS17, and you’ll receive 20% off orders under $500 and 25% off orders $500 and over!  But shop while you can, because the sale ends tomorrow, 9/29!  Shop these faves throughout the post.

Shopbop Sale- Free People Picks

1.This top comes in white, pink (shown above), and black!  And it’s 30% off, so you’ll get at least another 20% off on top of that!Shopbop Sale: My Fave Free People Picks! so obviously you top

2. I don’t currently own this zebra pullover, but I am totally ordering it.  Like now.  Look at the sleeve detail!  Plus, it’s a refreshing twist on the leopard trend, if you ask me!

Shopbop Sale: My Fave Free People Picks!

3. This embroidered top is 70% off- final sale!!  So you can basically get it for free with the extra discount.  Incredible!

Shopbop Sale: My Fave Free People Picks! up and away embroidered top

4. Another final sale: This Gardenia top is also 70% off!  You can totally layer it and wear it all year round.  Total steal!Shopbop Sale: My Fave Free People Picks!

5. These jeans are totally my style.  I love Free People denim because it’s always so soft!  What do you think, should I order these??  They are already 50% off!

Shopbop Sale: My Fave Free People Picks!

6. Here’s a cute mini dress for you.  It comes in cream and blue on Shopbop and has a fun keyhole in the back.  I bought it in black this past spring.

7. Last, but certainly not least, we have the cardigan of the year, in my opinion.  I paid full-price for mine, but I hope you don’t have to!
Shopbop Sale: My Fave Free People Picks! Saturday morning cardigan

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That’s whats up in bargain fashion today.  This Shopbop sale is major!  Like what you see?  I do a sale post once a week, so be sure to subscribe to my blog!  And leave me a comment about which of these 7 items you would like to have!

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  1. 9.29.17

    A. I love Free People. Always great style. B. Darling tops. I especially love that embroidered drape top. Cute. C. That wall with the faucets is fantastic. Did you do that? D. Do you live on a farm? I see cows. I also saw a barn with a bell in a few of your previous posts. E. I see the Garage Couture dress. I love it with that sweater. Great styling.

    • 9.29.17

      I love all of this comment! So the wall with the faucets was at a restaurant in Philadelphia. Isn’t it neat?! I don’t live on a farm, but the one you see is up the road from me, and they let the kids pet the animals! The barn with the bell is also from the same farm (can you tell he kids like to feed the goats lol- well actually I think I like it more than them). And I’m super excited for the Garage Couture post!!!

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