Review: VII Code Oxygen Eye Mask

You know how you make those fancy smoothies with tons of nutrient-rich ingredients?  Consider the VII Code Oxygen Eye Mask a smoothie for the skin under your eyes!  The creators of these overnight gel eye masks packed them with nourishing ingredients specifically for your under-eye area. Yep, you wear them all night! I’m as intrigued as you are, so when VII Code asked me to review the eye mask, I saw an opportunity to get rid of some (eye) baggage and wake up looking ready to go!

VII Code Oxygen Eye Mask

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are always 100% my own.

VII Code Oxygen Eye Mask: The Packaging

The box displays an image that reveals healthier, less-wrinkled skin around the eye.  How appealing is that?!  I love that the package shows what the eye masks can achieve.  And what these eye masks can achieve, I want!

Each box contains 6 sets of eye masks, and each set is individually wrapped.  This means that the box holds 6 nights’ worth of applications.  (The total recommended course of treatment is 3 full boxes.)

VII Code Oxygen Eye Mask

VII Code Oxygen Eye Mask
Each box contains 6 of these packages.

VII Code Oxygen Eye Mask

VII Code Oxygen Eye Mask: The Formula

Once you open a single overnight set, you see that you have to peel off the clear backing.  After doing so, you reveal a transparent, fragrance-free gel, which is packed with loads of natural ingredients (hence, my smoothie reference!), such as:

  • essential vitamins, like Vitamin E
  • herbs and botanicals
  • antioxidants
  • proteins
  • peptides
  • fatty acids

VII Code Oxygen Eye Mask

VII Code Oxygen Eye Mask

VII Code Oxygen Eye Mask: The Application

It’s super simple to apply the masks.  Once you have cleansed your skin and peeled off the backing,  place the masks under the appropriate eyes and press.  You will feel a soothing cooling effect from the unique gel, which defines these eye masks from other sheet masks.  The gel is not really sticky.  It’s actually quite light and springy.

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VII Code Oxygen Eye Mask

At first, I was thinking there was no way that I would wake up 8 hours later with the masks still on my face, but to my astonishment, I did.  And I sleep on my stomach!  Just be sure not to moisturize before applying them.

After no more than 8 hours of wear, simply remove the masks and discard.  They don’t leave any sticky residue at all!  Sleep in the masks 2-3 nights per week until the box is finished, and complete 3 full boxes for optimum results.  

VII Code Oxygen Eye Masks: The Results

I definitely think my under-eye skin looks smoother and less puffy.   The cooling effect of the nutrient-packed gel was a major plus for me!  It felt so soothing under my tired and overworked eyes.

You can’t go wrong.  I only completed 1/3 of the course of treatment, and I feel that I wake up to brighter under-eye skin. The impressive list of nourishing ingredients paired with the cooling effect can sleep on my face anytime!  Now I won’t have to scare my kids when I go to get them out of bed in the morning.  Haha!  And I know that I am fighting aging at the time of day when skincare products work the best- while I sleep!

If you are interested in trying VII Code Oxygen Eye Masks, enter the code QYZCPKYF at checkout to receive a $3 discount!  Click here to browse/purchase!  (Bonus-  The purchase link is from Amazon, and if you have Amazon Prime, you can purchase in about two clicks!  I LOVE the Amazon app on my iPhone.)

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That’s what’s up in skincare today.  Do you, like me, also worry about eye wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness?  Have you ever tried these masks?  What’s your current eye treatment?  Let’s discuss in the comments!

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  1. 3.15.17

    I know! Isn’t that wild?!

  2. 3.16.17
    xoJenny said:

    Oh gosh, I could totally use these babies for my eyes. I hate waking up early in the am frantically trying to cover up dark/baggy eyes with concealer. It’s totally not cute!!

    xo, JJ

    • 3.17.17

      Omg I know. My under-eye concealer is dwindling faster than ever. It used to last me tons of months. Now only like 3. Ahh! Thankfully, I got to try these eye masks! They definitely helped me use less concealer. xo!

  3. 3.17.17

    Me too! I stay up way too late. These are super helpful for that!

  4. 3.17.17
    Felicia Gentile said:

    Ahh I have these!! Just received them yesterday, great review! ? Btw still can’t find your wordpress button to follow ???

    • 3.18.17

      I hope you enjoy them! Haha I don’t know I guess I need a plugin for it. I thought maybe once I followed you, you could follow back from your own dashboard. But thank you so much for subscribing ?

      • 3.23.17
        Felicia Gentile said:

        They feel so funny I love them!! I havent seen a difference yet but they do stay cold all night. XOXO

  5. 3.22.17
    fadedrouge said:

    Woah! I would love to try this!

  6. 3.22.17
    joniamac said:

    Awesome review. Have you tired any other under eye patches/mask such as the Tarte, Sephora or any other brand? If so, how would you compare and rate the VII Code Oxygen Eye Mask to those?

  7. 3.27.17

    Even if you don’t have eye bags or wrinkles, the cooling effect and nutrients are great!

  8. 3.27.17

    I love eye creams, too!! These are great to sprinkle in the mix though.

  9. 4.2.17
    Danielle said:

    I’m going to have to try these! I’m always looking for great new undereye products to try!

  10. 5.4.17
    highstreetbeauty11 said:

    They sound great. I love products containing Vitamin E. Eye bags are certainly my problem area so I will be looking out for something like this x

    • 5.4.17

      I have a feeling eye bags will be a problem for us for here on out 🙁 So yes, finding great products is key! Vitamin E is always a smart idea!

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