Family Meal Planning Made Easy

It may seem like a small gesture, but simply planning out my meals at the start of each week helps me tremendously.  It takes away my anxiety about what to make each night.  Plus, it makes grocery shopping much easier (and allows me to be aware of what I need to buy!).  I’ve dabbled with meal planning in the past by jotting meal ideas down on fleeting pieces of paper.  But by midweek, I found myself searching for the lists!  Now, I’ve discovered a way to make family meal planning easy! read more


Chic Organization Ideas for Everyday Makeup and Beauty Items

Sure, a lot of us dream of or even have a full vanity with lights, a huge mirror…the whole nine yards.  But we rarely have the time to sit down surrounded by a wide array of makeup and beauty items and craft the intricate makeup look we envisioned for the day.  If you are like me, you wake up at the last possible minute, making your “work of art” routine virtually impossible.  You rummage through a disorganized bottomless pit of a makeup bag in the bathroom, wasting precious moments searching for the blush you wear every single day.  And where’s the brush?  Soon you are later than ever and can’t find a bobby pin to save your life. read more


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