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5-Minute Makeup Tutorial + Tips

Hey, everyone!  This week, I had some days where I had to be up and out of the house earlier than usual.  It’s pretty near impossible to get my tired body out of bed so that I can have an hour to spare and spend on primping, and once the kids are up, forget it.  So, I have to improvise, and by improvise I don’t mean skip makeup entirely.  (Luckily, I prefer to wear my hair up, so that takes no time at all!)

In reality, I would rather devote 15 minutes to painting my face (more details below).  But I challenged myself to finish a complete makeup look in 5 minutes or less, and I came in at exactly 5 minutes.   read more


The Magic Mascara | Chanel Inimitable

I will not leave the house without this mascara.  I have tried hundreds, and this is the ONLY one I will buy: Chanel Inimitable Mascara.  It doesn’t smudge, it doesn’t flake, and just ONE coat gives you wonder lashes.  No curling or other tricks- just a few swipes of the wand on upper and lower lashes and you are good for a 12+ hour day!  See if you can tell which of my eyes has been hit with the magic wand! ?



I had to wear waterproof mascara for a shoot yesterday, and my magic mascara is unfortunately not waterproof (There is a waterproof version, though!).  And the waterproof mascara I picked up at the drugstore did not even come close to giving me these wonder lashes, AND it smudged before it even came into contact with water!  Look at the photo below to see my sad lashes. read more


The Power of a Highlighter Stick

So here is my first beauty blog post!  I decided to purchase a highlighter for my cheekbones and temples and I am loving it!  I think it gives the skin a youthful glow by reflecting light. It just gives you that extra sparkle!  I decided to go with a Chubby Stick- Sculpting Highlight in Hefty Highlight 01- by Clinique.  The color is just right for me- not too white, not too bronze- and it’s simple to apply. Below you will see me before, with all of my makeup on except the highlighter, and me after applying it above my blush line, under the peak of my eyebrow, and on my temple.


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