Instagram Roundup: February 2018

Hey, all!  I hope you had a great February and Valentine’s Day!  Welcome to my February Instagram Roundup. The following photos are my faves from the past month, but be sure to follow me so you don’t miss anything! Comment on this post with your Insta handle, and I’ll be sure to follow you back!

Instagram Roundup: February 2018 Instinctively en Vogue

This sweater!!  It’s currently a part of the huge Shopbop sale.  (In case you missed my Free People faves from the sale, going on NOW, read this post!  Sale ends March 5.)  It comes in mauve and black on Shopbop, but if you like the Ivory (which I’m wearing), you can grab it here at Nordstrom!  It’s 40% off! read more


Instagram Roundup: January 2018

Hey, everyone!  Instagram is becoming a huge part of Instinctively en Vogue.  I know that some of you don’t have the app and/or don’t follow me on the ‘gram, and I often include exclusive content over there.  So it’s only fitting that I share what’s been up on Instagram!

You can shop my favorite outfits (and beauty products, accessories…) of January throughout this post.  Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions or concerns about sizing!  And, starting this year, enjoy an Instagram Roundup monthly! read more


How to Really Love Yourself in the Age of Social Media

I have a love-hate relationship with social media.  Yes, it’s highly entertaining and keeps us connected with friends and people all over the world.  However, the content we see on social media is often far from the reality of people’s lives.  And what do we do as we scroll through our news feeds?  We compare ourselves to what we see on our screens, which can deteriorate our self-love.  Here are tips for really loving yourself in the age of social media without deleting your Instagram and Facebook accounts. read more


30 Instagram Post Ideas (Especially for Bloggers!)

Today, I’m venturing into the world of social media.  I began making this list of Instagram post ideas so that I could help my own Instagram page.  But then I thought I would share my list with all of you!  I feel like everyone gets in a rut at one time or another, not knowing what to post.  Also, if you’re a blogger, you may feel that all you do is post Instagram content to promote your blog, which can totally take the fun out of Instagram!  The Gram is one of my favorite forms of social media because I love peeking into moments of people’s lives!  If you want to keep your page fun and intriguing (as do I), check out my list of post ideas, which I divided into fashion, beauty, and lifestyle categories.  Let me know if you have additional Instagram post ideas!  I would love to add them to my list! read more


Social Media Saturday!

Hey, guys!  Happy weekend!  I hope you all get some downtime and experience a lot of inspiration for your blogs.  I also hope you’ll check out what inspires me on my social media pages!  Please comment below with your social media deets so I can follow you, too!  Thanks for all being an inspiration to me. ❤️  Here are the details:


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