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Gift Guide: Home Accents and Decor

When you’re stuck not knowing what types of gifts to buy, give the gift of chic home décor! Home accents are cute, thoughtful, and one-size-fits most! Who wouldn’t like a fashionable cozy blanket or iPhone charger that doesn’t involve unsightly wires and cords?! Keep this gift guide handy this holiday season!

Faux Fur Heart Accent Pillow – I love heart accents any time of the year, especially if they are blush pink! How cute is this heart pillow for a bed or bachelorette pad?!

Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Leopard Print Throw Blanket read more


Gift Guide: Easy Gifts for Women

I often find that I always see gifts I want to buy the ladies in my life, but when it comes time to do holiday shopping, I freeze up. Anyone else?! So I put together this holiday gift guide (or any time gift guide!) for women that’s chock full of easy peasy gifts! You can give them alone or bundle a few together!

What I love most about them is that they are mostly one-size-fits-all (with the exception of the vest, but thats an easy one because it doesn’t have sleeves!). You won’t have the stress of wondering if your gift will fit the recipient, and in my opinion, anyone should be happy to receive these cute pieces! read more


Empower Your Fellow Girl Bosses with These Gifts!

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Wow! I had the pleasure of sampling the HERStory: Gifts for Wonder Women themed Babbleboxx in honor of Women’s History Month! The box arrived filled with gifts that are perfect for all the beloved gals in your life. This month’s box was specifically curated with women in mind!

The items I received in the box are so so perfect for any girl boss in your life. These 6 goodies combined create the ultimate gift guide for women. I can’t wait to tell you about what’s in the box! Let’s get started! read more


13 Unique Gifts for Wine Lovers

My husband and I both loooove wine and would love any wine-related gift.  And I sit here trying to think of what kind of wine-related gift to get for him!  So I decided to put together a small gift guide for wine lovers that is basically gender-neutral!  If you know any winos and still need to purchase gifts for the holidays, here are 13 unique gifts for wine lovers!

13 Unique Gifts for Wine Lovers

Gifts for Wine Lovers

Some of these gifts come as is, but you can personalize some of them, which is a fun aspect!  (P.S.- My cat Milton photobombed my flatlay by trying to fit inside the wine bag.  You can now follow him on Instagram!)

13 Unique Gifts for Wine Lovers- unisex, gender-neutral gift ideas

Novinophobia tee– This tee is for women, but here is a men’s option.
Oh, for fox sake wine glass (lol!)- Aside from being cheeky, this wine glass is stemless, which means the recipient is less likely to knock it over!
Personalized wine glass tumbler– These are geared towards women only. The colors and fonts drew me in!
Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter– We have this, and it is LIFE-CHANGING!!! If it ever dies, I’ll replace it.
Wine Soap– This soap actually contains wine.  And since I know that wine has antioxidants, this has to be good for your skin!  Plus, it’s totally unique.
Wine Barrel Glass Ornament– I’m actually surprised we don’t have something like this for our tree.  Ornaments make for great gifts because you can choose ones that suit recipients’ personalities.
Vinglacé Wine Chiller– The stainless steel will keep your wine or champagne chilled for hours, and it comes in a variety of finishes.
Woven Tote and Wine Glass Set– How cute is this for the summertime?!  And if your recipient lives in a warm climate, this is perfect.
Personalized Wine Barrel– This is suitable for someone who is an aspiring vintner. However, it can also serve as decor!
Stainless Steel Wine Glass Tumbler with Lid– These are awesome for outdoor parties, bonfires, or even walking your kids around for Trick-orTreat with the neighbors!  There’s a color for everyone!
If You Can Read This, Bring Me Some Wine socks– With over 30 varieties, you can find versions of these socks or both men and women!

Personalized Hanging Wine-Shaped Cutting Board read more


Simple and Meaningful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Since Mother’s Day is on the horizon, I thought I’d share the gifts I will be giving the leading ladies in my life!  It’s really fun to put personal touches on gifts for loved ones! I’ve got two simple and meaningful Mother’s Day gift ideas that will spread some serious smiles!!

The gifts below will really touch the recipients’ hearts.  My 4 year old girls made them for their grandmas!  (I helped with the second gift idea.)  However, you don’t have to have preschool-aged children to share these gifts!  They are fit for gift-givers of all ages!

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