Wrapped in READ: 4 Best Books to Gift a Woman in 2021

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Are you wondering what the best books to gift a woman are? As the holiday season swiftly approaches, I’m sharing some gifting ideas for the special female book lovers in your life!

You cannot go wrong with books as gifts, especially when they are wrapped in READ! 🎁 I always welcome books as gifts because I love to indulge in part of a novel at night before bed. Doing so allows me to be entertained and to forget about my worries… The perfect way to wind down! So the more books I have on hand, the MERRIER! (Ha! I’m on fire with the puns today!)

Here are some captivating fiction books to gift a woman this Christmas!

Book Gift Idea #1: Sisters of the Great War by Suzanne Feldman

I love period pieces that enable me to learn about a specific time in history. It’s so enlightening to be able to immerse myself into a historical setting while enjoying a fictional story. I feel like I learn so much more that way! Plus, historical fiction novels prep me for my nightly Jeopardy! battle with my husband.

In Sisters of the Great War, the Duncan sisters set out to escape the roles that society and their controlling father assigned to them. They each volunteer for War War 1: Ruth as a nurse, and Elsa as a driver. I found this premise particularly interesting because I majored in Sociology as an undergraduate.

Inspire the women in your life with this novel about two sisters breaking barriers and establishing a sense of independence that women rarely had at the time. I really enjoyed the strength of these female characters and the connections and bonds they made during their journey to finding themselves.

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Book Gift Idea #2: Sleigh Bells Ring by RaeAnne Thayne

This book will really help its recipient soak in the holiday spirit and relish in the enchantment of Christmastime.

Annie desperately seeks to keep alive the Christmas magic for her six-year-old twin niece and nephew, who recently lost their mom. She takes them to the ranch that formerly belonged to her grandfather, and Annie finds an unexpected romantic connection with the current owner. However, he plans to sell the ranch after Christmas. Annie really doesn’t want to see her family’s ranch sell to someone else, yet again. It means so much to her!

In Sleigh Bells Ring, tensions are high and relationships are complicated, but Christmas magic finds a way to make it a holiday to remember forever.

Book Gift Idea #3: The Christmas Escape by Sarah Morgan

If you’re looking for books to gift a female friend in 2021, you’ve come to the right place!! In The Christmas Escape, best friends Christy and Alix have to contend with hurdles in their relationship with one another.

Can they overcome Christy’s unwillingness to share some personal secrets with Alix? As they face revelations of romantic secrets and broken trust, can they save their once unbreakable bond? Emotions are high and the festive Christmas setting is heartwarming.

Pick up a copy of this fiction novel for your BFF and have a mini book club together to find out if Christy and Alix’s friendship survives a holiday trip to the northern lights.

Book Gift Idea #4: The Mother Next Door by Tara Laskowski

Oh how I love a good crime novel that involves affluent women! Those ladies always bring exaggerating theatrics and saga. Hence, The Mother Next Door really delivers the drama!

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When the Ivy Five, 5 women from a well-to-do neighborhood, plan the annual Halloween block party, they go all out. The only problem is, the Ivy Five was the Ivy Four for the longest time. Will they be able to embrace the new mom in the neighborhood, who so desperately wants to fit in?

Secrets, threats, and deceit emerge on Ivy Woods Drive. The lies build and build (along with the suspense), culminating the night of the Halloween party, which ends in a murder. This novel is a page-turner your gift recipient won’t be able to put down!

Final Thoughts on Best Books to Gift a Woman in 2021

These 4 novels are the best book ideas for women! Gift your gal or bestie all of these books in a bundle so that she has a range of plot types from which to choose.

From the inspiring story in Sisters of the Great War, to the Christmas settings of both Sleigh Bells Ring and The Christmas Escape, to the gripping suspense of The Mother Next Door, she will have a book to match any mood!

And make sure you wrap the bundle of books in a big READ bow!!🎁 If you want to add even more to your gift, toss in a cozy blanket and a cute coffee mug!


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