5 Easy Ways to Wear Shorts in Early Fall

Fall clothes really excite me. Autumn is by far my favorite season for fashion! In the past, I hastily wore my jeans and leggings way too early in the season and ended up sweating and uncomfortable. This fall, I plan on wearing my shorts until the last possible day that I can. Why? I know that once the bigger chills hit, my shorts won’t see the light of day for months. So today, I’m teaching you 4 easy ways to wear shorts in early fall.

Whether you like denim shorts or biker shorts, you can totally wear them until at least mid-October where I live on the east coast. And since you’re going to be in jeans or leggings from around the first frost until June, you might as well create some awesome outfits with shorts for the fall transition!

While I LOVE pairing sweaters and cozy cardigans with shorts, I will save that for another post. Today, let’s focus on early fall outfits with shorts.

….my favorite shorts of 2021….

how to wear shorts in early fall: add sneakers

Sandals are the first to go, for me, during the summer-to-fall transition. I cannot stand having cold toes, and can’t imagine that anyone does! (However, I do know that lots of people wear their sandals until it’s freezing out. Brr!)

You’d be surprised how much warmer you stay in shorts just by putting on socks (I usually prefer higher athletic socks these days.) and sneakers instead of flip flops.

And oh my goodness, the sneaker trends have been on point lately! I can’t stop wanting to buy more! Sneakers are my favorite genre of shoes, for sure. They are comfortable, cute, and nowadays, you can pretty much wear them with anything. Even wedding gowns!

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shop cute sneakers for shorts:

wear chunky boots

The combat boot trend is still in full effect this year, thankfully. I think they are here to stay for awhile, as they allow us to dabble in edginess without going over the edge. Plus, as with the taller socks and sneaker trend, chunky boots are a revival of the 90s… my favorite fashion decade!

Chunky boots can be unexpected with shorts, which means more eye-catching style boss outfits for you! You can add some intrigue with higher socks, depending on your desired vibe or your mood.

how to wear shorts in fall
ways to wear shorts in early fall
shorts outfit for fall

shop chunky boots for shorts:

layer with button down shirts

It’s still too early to jump on the cardigan train, and I’ve got a solution for you. Button down shirts! SheIn has some AMAZING choices. (This one is my favorite. I have it in two colors.)

I create so many different outfits with button down shirts all year long, and I’ve grown my collection steadily this past year. You have to have button downs with both short and long sleeves so that you’re ready to layer for moody temperatures.

See how I layered a short sleeve button down shirt over a super casual base outfit of lounge shorts and a basic tank.

how to wear shorts in fall

shop button down shirts to wear with shorts:

make sure your top has fall colors

If you want to make your shorts look more suitable for fall, go for warm, neutral tones on top, such as:

  • taupe
  • rust
  • cream
  • mustard
  • olive
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Hot pink and lime green, along with other bright colors, have been all over the fashion map in 2021, but if you pair such colors with shorts, you will look like summer. Wait to wear the brighter pops of color with jeans and boots or on cardigans.


accessorize with gold jewelry

Pile on the gold jewelry! Swap out your bright colored beads from summer 2021 with warm tones, which are perfect for fall. At the very minimum, be sure to add a gold necklace to every fall outfit with shorts.

Feel free to layer gold and silver tones together. Just make sure your jewelry look is predominately golden.

shop gold jewelry I own and love for fall:

final thoughts on these easy ways to wear your shorts in early fall

Keep. Wearing. Your. Shorts! Even though fall arrives on September 22, the temperature usually doesn’t get the memo until around Halloween. That’s a long time to sweat in leggings and jeans, so don’t be hasty about wearing those.

You probably noticed that I sometimes utilize more than one of these style tips in a single outfit. Mix them up so that you have endless fall outfits with shorts!!

Key takeaways:

  • Keep your feet covered with sneakers or chunky boots.
  • Don’t forget the gold accessories.
  • Keep your layers light.
  • Opt for fall hues on top.

And that’s it! Now get to your closet and start creating new ways to wear your shorts in early fall!


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