Why You Need Summer’s Eve FreshCycle in Your Life Right Now

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I don’t know how many times I have told my husband, “Be glad you’re not a woman.” Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE being a woman: The fashion, the makeup, the giggles, the motherhood… But having to deal with a period every month is NOT FUN. It’s something else I have to plan for and plan around. It’s unpredictable. It throws a wrench in vacation or beach plans. It’s just plain yucky! But Summer’s Eve new FreshCycle line has got me feeling more in control (of my period AND womanhood) than ever!

Why you need Summer’s Eve FreshCycle line in your life.

It helps me stay fresh. When I don’t feel fresh, I don’t feel feminine, which is my favorite part of being a woman! I love being, looking, and most importantly feeling cute! Now I have Summer’s Eve on hand for womanhood’s unpredictable moments.

FreshCycle Cleansing Cloths Individually Wrapped

These cleansing cloths are a MUST for your period, because you can easily and inconspicuously carry them with you in your backpack at school, your purse at work, or your gym or beach bag! Just toss some in every bag you own so that you’re always prepared! And you gals who travel all the time? You need these!

I know I’m glad to carry these flushable wipes this summer when I’m on the go with my kids. (Because they won’t let my period stop me- HA!) And menstruation + hot summer heat = a need for refreshing.

Other key features of these and the next two FreshCycle products:
  • Contain a patented odor-reducing ingredient
  • gynecologist-tested for everyday use
  • balanced to a woman’s pH
  • proven to reduce period odor without dyes, parabens, or alcohol

FreshCycle Cleansing Cloths Soft Pack

These cleansing cloths are exactly the same as the individually-wrapped cloths, but they come in a larger pack to keep in your home bathroom! The pack has a seal that’s easy to open and close!

FreshCycle No-Rinse Cleansing Foam

If you’re not yet convinced that this FreshCycle line will help you achieve your finest feminine hygiene, you can apply No-Rinse Cleansing Foam directly to toilet paper!

It’s formulated with the same odor-reducing ingredient as the other two Summer’s Eve products, while remaining free of dyes, parabens, or alcohol.

Yay for being a woman!

Print $1 off FreshCycle coupon here! Now that I know I will feel fresh during every period, I can worry more about eating chocolate and the things I want to worry about, like being a mom and choosing an outfit for the day.

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  1. 6.5.19
    Amanda said:

    Love that they have those individually wrapped cleansing cloths…so handy in the summer

  2. 6.5.19

    I really like the concept! How convenient!! I love that the are individually wrapped. Perfect for vacations!

    Candace Hampton

  3. 6.6.19

    I got them from my OB’s office and have loved their wipes ever since.

    ❥ tanvii.com

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