How to Create a Sun-Kissed Makeup Look

I recently did a collaboration with Jumprope, which is a super easy-to-use video-making app. They had reached out to me, asking me to create a how-to video of my choice using their app. At first, I wasn’t sure if I was going to choose the fashion route or do a beauty tutorial. But one day, when I was glitterizing myself, it inspired me to show you how to create a sun-kissed makeup look!

I know I’m no video-making maven, but I hope this makeup idea inspires you and puts you in a sunny mood!

So sit back and watch via the Jumprope app! If you’re viewing from your desktop, you can click the arrow to move to between slides. Watching from your phone? Simply tap the slides to move between them.

Hopefully, this sun-kissed makeup tutorial will bring the spring and summer to you! We just had more snow yesterday. Yuck! Over it!

How to Create a Sun Kissed Makeup Look by instinctivelyenvogue on Jumprope.

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  1. 2.21.19

    Love the look! Makes me miss the sun, can’t wait for winter to be over.
    ♥ Mae

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