Sustainable Fall and Winter Fashion Finds from Amazon

I admit it.  I succumb to fast fashion all the time.  It’s cute, affordable, and readily available!  Unfortunately, it’s often easy for me to ignore the story behind whatever item I’m buying because I get caught up in how much I want or need the item!  That’s why I decided to create this blog post.  I want to encourage others (and myself!) to be more conscious of sustainable fashion and where to find it!  Since I’m always shopping online, I decided to roundup my favorite sustainable fall and winter fashion finds from Amazon!
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Brief Summary of Sustainable Fashion

Companies that carry sustainable items make an effort to ensure healthy and ethical working conditions, known as Fair Trade.  They also work to reduce the negative impact their company has on the environment.  Here are some examples:
  • using recycled materials
  • minimizing the carbon footprint
  • using cruelty-free materials
  • reducing waste

So Let's Get to the Sustainable Fashion Items from Amazon!

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It doesn’t get much easier than shopping Amazon especially since you can find so many brands in one spot.  However, here are some other retailers that sell sustainable fashion!

Conscious by H&M
Rag & Bone

I hope to make a better effort to find sustainable and fair trade items next time I shop! If I make even a slight change in my shopping habits, I can help the world become a better place. Let’s do this together!  We can start by shopping more consciously for our fall and winter wardrobe!

Do you have any fair trade and/or sustainable fashion brands you absolutely love? Leave me a comment!

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  1. How great to be able to have these option on hand! And affordability is a great thing, too! Thanks for sharing!

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