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Hey, everyone!  I’ve got a beauty post for you today!  Summer has just been wreaking havoc on my hair.  Between the trips to the pool and the days in the sun, I have totally dried out my fine hair!  It’s unruly and super tangled, so I’ve been involuntarily ripping strands out as I attempt to comb and brush.  Thankfully, now I’ve discovered Keranique Hair Regrowth System!  My broken and thin hair has been on the mend!  And since it is Hair Loss Awareness Month, I thought I’d share my experience!

I've discovered Keranique Hair Regrowth System!  My broken and thin hair has been on the mend!  And since it is Hair Loss Awareness Month, I thought I'd share my experience!

What is Keranique Hair Regrowth System?

The system comes with 4 components:

Step 1
  • Scalp Stimulating Shampoo– provides micro-circulation of the scalp and preps the scalp for the regrowth treatment by removing dirt and build-up
  • Volumizing Keratin Conditioner- provides weightless moisture
Step 2
  • Regrowth Treatment- contains 2% Minoxidil, the only FDA-approved and clinically-proven, non-prescription ingredient that regrows hair and stimulates follicles
Step 3
  • Lift & Repair Treatment Spray- heat-activated spray that protects and conditions with Keratin Amino Complex™ to repair damage and restore shine

The Best Hair Regrowth System- Keranique

My Thoughts and Experiences

Yay for this stuff!

The Keranique  Scalp Stimulating Shampoo and Volumizing Keratin Conditioner smell so  good!  They remind me at the products the assistants wash my hair with at the salon that make me never want to re-wash my hair!  So refreshing! They also make my hair feel touchable and soft and easier to manage post-shower.

The Keranique Lift & Repair Treatment spray smells equally as nice, and it helps detangle and condition my fine, fragile, beaten-up strands.  It also protects my locks from the heat of the hairdryer and other styling tools lurking in my vanity drawer. (Bonus:  Sometimes, I even spray it on my dry hair when it needs a little extra TLC!)

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And the biggest component, the Keranique Regrowth Treatment, really seems to have started my hair on a journey to thickness.  While I will continue to use the treatment (Its patented Easy Precision Sprayer makes it a breeze to apply to the areas that need it most.), I already see some major progress.  I have some spotty areas around the hairline, and I already see some growth!  This is amazing because I wear my hair up a ton, which means that area is on full display.

The Best Hair Regrowth System- Keranique

Check It Out!

If you are looking for a hair regrowth treatment, you can find it on or in Ulta stores nationwide!

*Thank you, Keranique, for sponsoring this post.

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  1. 8.9.18
    Emily said:

    The summer always does a number on my hair too! I’ll have to try this system next time I notice a little extra hair in my hairbrush. Thanks!

    • 8.10.18
      Jackie said:

      For sure! Keep it in mind!

  2. 8.10.18
    Johanna said:

    I’d like to try this system as well, because I use to dye my hair and I need to have it treated more carefully so that it looks great!

  3. 8.10.18

    This product sounds very promising. It’s great that you have already had a promising outcome.

    • 8.10.18
      Jackie said:

      For sure! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. 8.10.18

    This stuff sounds amazing! I totally agree with you… Summer is HORRIBLE on my hair, and love that there are products out there like this one that can really help keep your hair healthy and hydrated to prevent damage in the future.

    • 8.10.18
      Jackie said:

      Yes! Keeping hair hydrated is key. This product is wonderful!

  5. 8.10.18
    Rachel said:

    I have some friends that really struggle with thin hair. I am going to share this with them.

    • 8.10.18
      Jackie said:

      Oh yes! Thanks for spreading the word!

  6. 8.10.18
    Jackie said:

    It’s extremely easy to use and covers all the bases!

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