Best of Etsy: Summer Clutches

I love Etsy for so many reasons.  You can find pretty much anything, and it’s all cute and unique! I especially love browsing bags and accessories on Etsy, because they saturated with one-of-a-kind details and quality materials.  And so, I’m sharing my favorite summer clutches currently for sale on Etsy!

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I can’t get enough of woven clutches right now, and they are perfect for summer!  They all seem to have the cutest details on them, such as pom poms or tassels.  Sooo chic and darling! #darlingmovement

Click the images to further browse these clutches!

How fun are these colorful tassels?!  Go from a beach day to a beachside dinner without any effort.

woven tassel clutch


The cutest pom pom clutch!  I mean, just look at the details on this.  It is absolutely beautiful.

woven pom pom clutch

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Foldover clutches always fit more in them than I initially predict!  The zippers make them super easy to access and fill with your fave lipglosses.  I’ve spotted some really unique ones for you!

Who doesn’t love palm print right now?!  This vegan leather clutch is beautiful with its shimmery rose gold details and white tassel!

palm print and rose gold clutch

Here’s another palm print clutch.  It’s a little more casual than the one above, and it has a pretty turquoise tassel.

palm print clutch

I don’t know what it is about arrows, but I really like them.  They are fun and symbolic of going places!  Plus, they have a boho vibe, which is perfect for summer.  This faux leather arrow clutch has the cutest colors!

foldover arrow clutch

Dots, dots, dots.  They are everywhere this spring, and in my opinion, never go out of style!  These semicircle dots are sure to help you stand out!

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polkadot foldover clutch

This one isn’t really a foldover clutch, but since it has a zipper and similar functionality, I’ve included it here.  It’s cork and has shiny dots, which makes for the perfect everyday carryall!

cork carryall clutch

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Here are a few fabulous clutch options for fancier occasions, such as tea or garden parties, brunches, etc.

Floral prints are always a good idea during the warmer months, and this floral print was designed by the famous Rifle Paper Co.  The lock clasp is so charming!

floral clutch

Give me all the lace.  I would even pair this lace handbag clutch with denim!  And it has satin lining!

lace handbag clutch

Last, but not least, I’ve chosen a cute succulent clutch purse.  I don’t know what it is about cactuses, but they are very fascinating to me.

succulent clutch

Don’t you just love having pieces no one else has?!  Handmade accessories are a must!  Grab your faves while you can, because stock is low!

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  1. 5.10.18
    bethkck said:

    I’m loving the tassel trend! It’s on so many things now and it’s so fun!

    • 5.10.18
      Jackie said:

      Doesn’t it just add sooo much to things? Small things take fashion big places!

  2. 5.10.18

    The shiny one and the cactus clutch are totally clutch! (see what I did there?) I love them!

    • 5.10.18
      Jackie said:

      Love the play on words!! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. 5.10.18

    I love these! Such fashionable taste!!!

    • 5.10.18
      Jackie said:

      Thank you! I’m glad you like them!

  4. 5.11.18

    Loving these! How fun! I love the sparkly one and the ones with tassels. Thanks for the great ideas!

    • 5.26.18
      Jackie said:

      I love anything with tassels! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. 5.14.18

    Glad you’re an Etsy supporter!!! Love those clutches!!

  6. 6.7.18
    Rhyan said:

    This is everything I want. brb spending all my money.

    • 6.7.18
      Jackie said:

      lol that’s how I feel! I make these lists for myself ??

  7. 6.7.18

    Oh my gosh I love all of these!! Especially the palm leaf one.

    • 6.11.18
      Jackie said:

      Palm leaves are everything right now!

  8. 6.8.18
    Erin said:

    Too many cute options! I can’t even pick a favorite. The white pom pom one would go with so many summer outfits, but I love the little palm one and the arrows are cute, too. Ack! 🙂

    • 6.11.18
      Jackie said:

      Haha that is what I said when I created the post! I have to say, I am partial to the pom poms right now!

  9. 6.8.18

    I love a good clutch but have never thought to look on Etsy! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • 6.11.18
      Jackie said:

      Yes! I feel like Etsy can easily slip the mind, but it has sooo many unique gems!

  10. 6.8.18

    I am a huge rose gold and tassels fan and I love clutches! These are all a good size too. I need room for my phone and necessities!

    • 6.11.18
      Jackie said:

      There’s nothing I hate more than not being able to fit my wallet, phone, etc. There are only about two here (the dressier ones) that wouldn’t fit everything, but I often expect that with more formal pieces.

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