Loft Haul and Fitting Room Diary: Spring 2018

Today, I’ve got some fitting room snapshots for you!  I was in the mood for some spring retail therapy, so I hit up Loft to see if I could find anything!  Of course, I bought most of what I tried on below.  (That’s a good thing, right?!)  If I had more time, I would have tried on (and bought) even more!  My fitting room experience was a success, and I definitely came home with a Loft haul full of spring styles!  Shop everything you see at the end of the post.

Loft Haul and Fitting Room Diary: Spring 2018

This was my first time shopping at Loft in many, many years, and I am super impressed with the fit and quality of all of these pieces.  Everything seems to run very true-to-size.  Do you ever shop at Loft?  Let me know in the comments!

Spring/Summer/Fall Dress

Let’s start off with my faaaave of the bunch, the floral ruffle dress.  I feel like if you’re shopping in Loft, and you lean towards boho styles, you really have to have a bit of imagination. So as I scoured the racks, I really had to envision whether or not each piece fit into my style aesthetically. (In my opinion, Loft leans towards preppy and classic styles, without being overbearing.)

So when I saw this dress, I said, “Hmm…This kind of reminds me of the floral D&G dresses I drooled over in the latest issue of Harper’s BAZAAR!”  And so, I carried the dress with me to the fitting room.  And to the cash register.

Loft Haul and Fitting Room Diary: Spring 2018

Spring Sweaters, Cardigans, + Tops

I feel like everyone gets so summer happy during the first warm day of the year, but the weather is so volatile in the spring.  You’ve gotta keep the sweaters on hand!

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I am obsessed with the color blush, so I gravitated toward anything pink I could find at Loft.  This fuzzy sweater is so cute and simple, and I love the tie in the back!  Sweaters are great for spring, too.  Loft Haul and Fitting Room Diary: Spring 2018 Loft Haul and Fitting Room Diary: Spring 2018

Here’s another blush sweater, but this time, it’s a sheer cardigan.  I tried it on over this foil print long-sleeved tee I found on the racks, and it actually makes for a cute outfit!  Plus, it comes in 3 other hues.

Loft Haul and Fitting Room Diary: Spring 2018

I also tried on this chenille cardigan, but I didn’t take a photo because the sleeves were way too short on my long arms.  If I had more time, I would have tried on the next size!  (**For reference, I am 5″10, and all of the tops I tried on in this post were a size small.  The dress is a size medium.)

The tie cuff top below is so soft and super easy!  You can throw it on and feel polished in an instant.  I love the drop shoulders and slide slits.  Seriously insta-chic!

If you’re not a fan of blush, it also comes in lime and gray.

Loft Haul and Fitting Room Diary: Spring 2018

I was drawn to this striped utility top because I’ve been seeing a lot of this style lately.  It’s totally on trend for spring 2018.  However, I was worried it was too preppy for me.  But once I tried it on and tucked a corner into these cute button-front shorts (which I also purchased), I decided to buy it.  Plus, the boots totally un-prep it.

For some reason, I could only find the top in petite (linked above), so I will link some other pretty utility tops at the end of the post.

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Loft Haul and Fitting Room Diary: Spring 2018

This last top is one I didn’t buy, and I really don’t have a good reason for that other than the fact that I don’t usually wear red.  But I love graphic tees!  I’m actually thinking of going back and picking it up.  What do you think, should I buy it??

Loft Haul and Fitting Room Diary: Spring 2018

I also grabbed these cute socks because they were buy one, get one 50% off!  And I just adore peony-print!


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  1. 3.6.18

    I will definitely be ordering your loft looks! Thanks for doing all the work. ?

    • 3.6.18
      Jackie said:

      You’re the sweetest. Glad you like my picks!!

  2. 3.6.18

    Loft has the prettiest pieces for the Spring! That fuzzy pink sweater and the last tee are both so cute!

    • 3.6.18
      Jackie said:

      Thanks girlie! I think I’ll have to stop back there and pick up that tee! It’s the only thing I didn’t buy. I can totally see you in it!

  3. 3.6.18
    llindaxxo said:

    Those shorts are so cute!! I love all the buttons!

    • 3.6.18
      Jackie said:

      Thanks, Linda! When I first tried them on, I didn’t think they would make the cut. But they grew on me as I tried on different tops, and they made it home haha.

  4. 3.9.18
    ayrgalaxy said:

    I liked the fuzzy sweater and the th cardigan the best

    • 3.16.18
      Jackie said:

      I am in love with the cardigan!

  5. 3.10.18

    That striped blouse totally works with the cut offs and boots. See, you boho-fied it. I like the Ooh la la tee. I think you should get it. 🙂

    • 3.16.18
      Jackie said:

      Oh thank you!! Isn’t that striped blouse so necessary?! And yes, I think I am heading out for that Ooh la la tee now. Not sure why I didn’t buy it! I think I was trying to cut costs lol

  6. 3.14.18

    Love the striped tops, they look amazing on you!
    ♥ Mae

  7. 8.6.18

    Just love the sweaters . And what lovely pics to show them off.

    • 8.10.18
      Jackie said:

      Thank you! I have and will get so much use out of them!

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