Sugar Sweet Enchantress Eyeshadow Palette: My Go-To Look and Application Tips

Hey, lovelies!  About a month ago, I shared with you three different looks from this glorious eyeshadow palette.  However, I have come up with a new one since then, and I wear it pretty much every day!  (If you missed the other looks with this Sugar Sweet Enchantress Palette, here they are: Look 1Look 2Look 3.)  I also have a tip on how to maximize the effects of the darkest shade of your look to really brighten and open up your eyes.


What I do first is mix Dainty and Candy together on the fluffy side of the brush and sweep from lash lines to brow bones.  Those colors together really brighten tired eyes without being too shimmery or white.  The pigmentation is flawless.

Next, I dab some of the green Charisma shade on the fluffy end of the brush and sweep on the outer half of my lids only.   That adds some depth to the pale base shades.

Then, I move on to my eyeliner and mascara.  I found that if I apply the darkest shade after the rest of my eye makeup is complete, I can more easily apply the color where my eyes need it most and where I can get the most benefit- and that’s above the highest point or “wings” of my lashes, not simply in my creases.  Below, I show my lids before adding the 4th shade of Lovely and the impact it has when applying it after eyeliner and mascara.

Top: Before adding Lovely
Top: Before adding Lovely
With the flat end of the applicator, I dust on the darkest shade above the “wings” of my lashes and blend upward with my fingers. You can also dab it on the outer corners of your eyes.   It really opens them up!

All this time, I had been applying the darkest shade of my eyeshadow looks before liner and mascara, but I often found I had to add more after the fact.  This method saves time and effort!  See my finished look from various angles below.


What do you think?  Will you try this method?  Do you have any other secrets?

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That’s what’s up in makeup tips today.  I hope you enjoy this look.  If you don’t, please tell me, because I wear it every day haha.  Thanks for reading!

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