Sugar Sweet Enchantress Eyeshadow Palette: Look 2

Hey, everyone!  It’s Thursday!  For some reason, this week seems really long…

I am going to share with you my second look from the spectacular Sugar palette that came into my ownership last week.  If you missed Look 1, see it HERE!

Today, I went with the purples.  It is my first time wearing this look, and I really think the end result is so pretty!  Purple is always pretty.  I am actually shocked that it didn’t turn out super bright and too much for day, and I think I will be choosing this look very often in the future.  Here’s what I did:


  1. Sweep “Allure” from lashes to brow bones with the super soft fluffy side of the brush.  Don’t be shy with it!
  2. Still using the fluffy side, dust the indigo shade “Captivate” over the outer half of your lids.  This was my favorite color to use- TOTALLY out of my comfort zone, but now it’s completely in.
  3. Using the flat side, brush the plum shade “Intrigue” in your creases only.
  4. Still using the flat side, dab “Entrance” on your outer corners.
  5. Dust “Dainty” under the peaks of your brows with the fluffy side of the brush for extra impact and pop.


See how it works for everyday?  I know you could also make it more dramatic for nighttime or date nite.  I love knowing I have a palette that is so versatile- It can work for basically any occasion!  (Sorry for the tupperware in the background.  I couldn’t resist a good lighting moment!)

Which look do you like better: 1 or 2?  Please let me know in the comments below.

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That’s what’s up and adorning my eyelids today.  Thanks for reading!

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  1. 6.9.16
    ginelleblog said:

    I like the second look better but both are nice! 🙂

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