Que Bella Skin Brightening Mask Review

Happy Monday, lovelies!  Since I don’t get out to the spa much, I have to find ways to pamper my skin at home.  And since I am in Target pretty much every other day, it is so easy to pick up one of these pretty masks! (And it is actually difficult NOT to buy 1 or 2 or all of them…$2.50 apiece or less + bright and shiny packaging = marketing win!)

Que Bella Beauty selection at Target

Last night, I tried the Skin Brightening Papaya Peel-Off Mask for the first time.  I have never applied a mask that you could peel off without rinsing with water, so it was an interesting and fun experience for me.  The texture of the mask is gel-like and the color is transparent orange, which is evidence of the papaya extract.  It has a zesty and citrusy scent because the mask contains hops.  I really felt like I was smoothing nature all over my face!

Immediately after applying

I left it on for 20 minutes…for the latter part of the duration, I couldn’t as easily sip my Cabernet!  (Facial masks and wine go together, right??)  The gel stiffened up, just as promised, and I was able to peel it off without rinsing.  I had been curious as to whether or not it would fully peel off, but it worked!

Peeling away the mask

I think the ingredients in the mask left me with a more radiant complexion and even skin tone.  They gently and naturally exfoliated my skin, which also felt smoother.

Directly after the mask

This morning, my skin was so smooth and even that I didn’t have to use as much foundation or concealer (eye bags are another story!).  Below is a photo of me today with my makeup on- no photo filters or enhancements.  I definitely see brighter skin!QueBellaSkinBrighteningMaskMorningAfter

I love that I can brighten and nourish my skin with mainly natural ingredients and for only a couple of dollars.  Because the Que Bella collection is so low-budget, I can take care of my skin more often, and I don’t feel like I am smearing chemicals all over my face.

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That’s what’s up in beauty and skincare today.  What do you think?  Will You try it?


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