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My Favorite Outfits from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale + GIVEAWAY

Yay!  The famous Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here!  Why is this sale soooo important?  You can snag brand-new designer fall fashion at a hefty discount!  Nordstrom is about the only place I pay full-price for fashion because their selection is THAT GOOD.  And you better believe when they place hot-off-the-truck items on sale, I am either in the store or shopping their website.  Nordstrom offers in-store pickup for online orders the same day of purchase!

Here are my favorite outfits from the sale.  Keep in mind that right now (July 13-July 20), items are reserved for cardholders.  Public access runs from July 21- August 6, so you might want to sign up for a card in order to take full advantage of the discounts!  I imagine that some of these items will sell out very quickly!  Shop each outfit below its graphic. read more


Wardrobe Wednesday: Summery Patriotic Outfits

Hey, everyone!  In lieu of Style Tip Tuesday this week, I decided to install Wardrobe Wednesday.  Sometimes, I simply want to share my outfits with you without providing explicit style tips.  And as I was browsing my wardrobe trying to find red, white, and blue outfits for all of the patriotic summer holidays, I decided I wanted to share my looks with all of you!  I hope you enjoy all of my affordable,  summery patriotic outfits!  Don’t forget that you can shop my ensembles throughout the post! read more


Style Tip Tuesday: Pineapple Chic

Cannot.  Stop.  Buying.  Pineapple.  Stuff.  How cute is it??!  I can’t even remember the last time I actually ate pineapple (That needs to change because it is so delish.), but I am obsessed with the current pineapple trend.  (I am actually fond of many of the current fashion trends.  2017 style is on point!)  Pineapples are bright, happy, and just plain adorable, so who wouldn’t want pineapple-inspired clothes and accessories?  Since today is Style Tip Tuesday, I am sharing all things pineapple chic.  What fashion trends are you currently loving? read more


10 Ways to Wear the LuLaRoe Carly Dress

By now, I am sure many of you have heard of LuLaRoe.  The comfortable + stylish clothing line seems to be taking over social media, especially through Facebook parties.  I previously shared looks with a LuLaRoe maxi skirt and their famed leggings and tops.  You can’t help but smile at the bright colors and unique prints!

custom made dresses

When I received the Carly Dress*, I instantly fell in love with it.  Wearing it is like wearing an oversized comfy tee without the frumpiness.  I’ve put together 10 different outfits centered around the LuLaRoe Carly dress just to prove how stylish and versatile it really is.  And you know what is really awesome??  I didn’t purchase one new item to create any of these 10 outfits.  I used everything I already had in my closet!  (When I told my husband this astonishing tidbit, he replied, “Well when you have already bought everything there is to buy, that isn’t too hard.”  Ha!  Seriously, he doesn’t know what he is saying.  There is still PLENTY to buy.). read more


If I Could Only Wear 1 Outfit for the Rest of My Life…

If I could only wear 1 outfit for the rest of my life… For me, that is an easy sentence to finish!  I am quite confident that most of you would agree with my decision here.  (If you feel otherwise, I would love to hear what your choice would be!)

the 1 outfit i would wear for the rest of my life- fi


if i could only wear 1 outfit- black leggingsThere was a time when I would never NOT wear jeans.  Now it’s leggings.  Black leggings.  Leggings have to be the most comfortable form of clothing every created.  They look put-together.  You can dress them up or down, and black leggings go with pretty much anything.  They are universal!  I own at least 10 pairs of black leggings so that it is almost always certain that I will have a pair at my fingertips when I am stumbling around during the morning rush.  If I have a pair of black leggings, I can make any top (or shoes, for that matter) work.  In fact, I am wearing them as I write this. read more


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