My Fave Shops for Finding Last Minute Gifts

It’s crunch-time, people!  The countdown is on!  I know you’re probably scrambling to find last minute gifts for your friends, hairstylists, nail technicians, kids’ teachers… The list goes on and on!  So I’m going to help you out by sharing my fave shops for finding last minute gifts!

These stores all have the cutest little gifts for pretty much any girl or woman on the planet.  Every time I set foot in one of these places I pretty much want to buy everything for myself!  I know I can’t be alone here!  Oh, and I’ve also included a few last minute gift options for guys! read more


Holiday Décor Tour: Ways to Make Any Size Home Sparkle for Christmas

We used to live in a small apartment in the city, so we never put much effort into decorating for Christmas.  We got a tiny tree that sat on a table, and one year, we didn’t even get a tree.  Now that we live in a much more spacious home, I am having so much fun decorating for the holidays.  However, I have learned that most of my décor choices could work in a home of any size!  I missed out on holiday ambiance in the past for no reason at all!  That’s why I am giving you a holiday décor tour of my home.  Read on for ways to make any size home sparkle for Christmas!  You can pick and choose options that correspond best with your home.  If you live in a small apartment, do you go all out with the decorations, or do you keep them minimal? read more


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