Splurge-Worthy Intensive Eye Therapy

I have a little skin treat to share from a skincare brand I love!  Many of you read my review of NeoStrata Sheer Hydration SPF 35, which I still use every single morning.  NeoStrata also makes SKIN ACTIVE Intensive Eye Therapy.  I’m going to tell you a little bit about its unique formula, which contains patented ingredients that lift the eye area and promote an overall brighter appearance. Keep reading to find out if I think it’s splurge-worthy!

Splurge-worthy Intensive Eye Therapy - NeoStrata Skin Active Intensive

NeoStrata SKIN ACTIVE Intensive Eye Therapy: Key Ingredients

So what potentially makes NeoStrata SKIN ACTIVE Intensive Eye Therapy  Splurge-Worthy? read more


Avoid Holiday Stress with Occasion Station

The holidays are coming, and I’m already feeling overwhelmed!  With growing families and lots of loved ones to remember, choosing the perfect gift for each is sometimes nothing short of stressful.  I recently had the pleasure of sampling a gift box from Occasion Station.  Occasion Station is a gift-giving service that can potentially transform your holiday season from majorly stressful to entirely blissful!  Here’s how you can avoid holiday stress with Occasion Station!Avoid Holiday Stress with Occasion Station

What is Occasion Station?

Occasion Station is personal shopper program that allows you to create stations for all of your loved ones!  You take short surveys about your friends and family members about birthdays/special days and areas of interest (art, toys, beauty, entertainment, cooking, wine, health… You name it!).  Personal shoppers then hand-pick meaningful gifts to send to your loved one(s)!  How cool is that?! read more


Highly Pigmented Waterproof Lipstick

No one wants to spend time applying lip color only to have it smear off moments later on a Venti PSL.  Your coffee lid’s spout doesn’t need any decoration!  City Color Cosmetics has a line of highly pigmented waterproof lipstick, and here’s their motto: “Don’t be THAT girl.  Be Smudge Proof with Be Matte Liquid Lipstick!” 

City Color’s shades range from nude to berry, so they’ve got a hue for every season and skin tone.  I’ll be reviewing a nude shade today! read more


Cozy Sweater Wish List: Style Tip Tuesday

It’s time to stock up on cozy sweaters!   I’m loving the selection at Zaful right now.  Their sweaters are super cute and trendy.  I always feel like I could use another cozy sweater or two (or more) in wardrobe.  Zaful makes that really easy, because their pieces are all budget-friendly!  They even have holiday-inspired sweaters!  So fun.  Here is my cozy sweater wish list from Zaful.

Which sweaters should I order??  Leave a comment to let me know which you would like to see me in!  And see my style tips at the end of this post! read more


The Best 5 Step Anti-Aging Korean Skincare Routine

I had never before tried any sort of Korean skincare routine.  And a cohesive 5 step skincare routine?  Not even close.  I always pieced various brands and products together.

But trying a 5 step Korean skincare routine by Saranghae (It means I love you in Korean!) is a total game changer.  I’m giving you the rundown on the 5 skincare products in the Saranghae anti-aging routine.  I hope this Saranghae review will inspire you to savor your skincare regime and step it up to a 5 step routine! read more


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