Exuviance Age Reverse Hand Rejuvenator: Don’t Let Your Hands Tell Your Age

I have such trouble keeping the skin on my hands under control.  Between the constant hand-washing/sanitizing, house cleaning and other chores, and sun exposure, my hands have suffered.  And they are even worse in the winter!  That’s why I am staying on top of my hand care this summer with Exuviance Age Reverse Hand Rejuvenator.

Exuviance Age Reverse Hand Rejuvenator: Don't Let Your Hands Tell Your Age

Why Exuviance Age Reverse Hand Rejuvenator?

I am not yet middle-aged, but I’m unfortunately not a spring chicken either, and I don’t want my hands to make me look older than I am.  I need something on my side here!  And while I am pretty vigilant about my facial skincare, I often don’t care for my hands that well.  No matter how much lotion or cream I slap onto the backs of my hands, it just seems inevitable that I will wash it off within 10 minutes.  That’s super irritating for both myself and the skin on my hands. read more


Wardrobe Wednesday: Casual Chic Summer Outfits for Day and Evening

Hey, everyone!  A couple of Saturdays ago, I spent the day doing my usual mom duties.  But in the evening, I had an early dinner day with my husband.   Since I am totally always about fashion and function, I wanted to share the two casual chic summer outfits I wore that day. You can look cute and still be comfortable, all while keeping your wallet intact.  Shop my looks throughout the post!

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Wardrobe Wednesday: Casual Chic Summer Outfits for Day and Evening evening

Casual Chic Summer Outfit for Daytime

Now, guys.  This is a HIGHLY functional casual chic summer outfit.  I hope you’re not offended by my level of casualness, but I just cannot get anything done even if I am remotely thinking about how uncomfortable I am.  I don’t care if it is a cami riding up, a bra strap bothering me, or shoes that hinder my usual gait by just a margin, I cannot have ANY of it.  That’s why you don’t see me in heels very much.  I try to make more comfortable shoes look chic and just own it. read more


Makeup Products I Could Never Live Without Again

Recently, I have realized that there are quite a few makeup products I could never live without again.  These are items that really make me feel pretty, have great quality, and are simple to use.  Who wouldn’t want makeup products like that?!  You’ll have to let me know if you’ve tried any of these!  Do you have any mandatory makeup products in your stash??

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Makeup Products I Could Never Live Without Again

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter

For years, I used the Clinique Chubby Stick highlighter and thought it was the best thing ever.  But for Christmas last year, my hubby surprised me with the Mac Nutcracker Sweet Bronze Pigment and Glitter Kit.  This just opened up for me a whole new world of highlighters that weren’t liquids and weren’t sticks.  Once I saw how I could make my features sparkle with the bronze pigments, I knew I had to expand my collection. read more


Wardrobe Wednesday: Summery Patriotic Outfits

Hey, everyone!  In lieu of Style Tip Tuesday this week, I decided to install Wardrobe Wednesday.  Sometimes, I simply want to share my outfits with you without providing explicit style tips.  And as I was browsing my wardrobe trying to find red, white, and blue outfits for all of the patriotic summer holidays, I decided I wanted to share my looks with all of you!  I hope you enjoy all of my affordable,  summery patriotic outfits!  Don’t forget that you can shop my ensembles throughout the post! read more


Style Tip Tuesday: Hello, Yellow! How to Wear Yellow This Summer

Welcome back to Style Tip Tuesday!  Yellow is trending in fashion for the 2017 summer season.  Afraid of bright colors?  Don’t be!  I am going to show you a few looks of my own, as well as share some other faves on my wish list.  Plus, I’m giving you a few style tips on how to wear yellow this summer.  I think you’ll be saying, “Hello, yellow!” by the end of this post!  Don’t forget that you can shop all of the items I feature.

*This post may contain affiliate links. read more


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