How to Not Have a Wardrobe Malfunction in the Summer

During the summer, I wear a some tops that are beautiful but too sheer for my comfort.  I reach for others that hang off a shoulder or totally let the world in when I bend over.   And of course there are the tops with the super huge arm openings.  Sometimes I feel that I have way too many tops like this, but they are all soooo my style!  On this Style Tip Tuesday, I’m sharing tips on how to stay classy in these types of threads and how to not have a wardrobe malfunction in the summer.

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Wardrobe Wednesday: Trench and Slip Dress Combo from Two Feathers

A camel trench coat and a black slip dress.  These are essential to any woman’s wardrobe, and yet I just now added them to my closet.  How is that even legal?!  These two pieces are just so versatile, classic, and functional, I feel like a criminal for not having already had them.  But the wait was well worth it, because I’ve now got a gorgeous trench and slip dress combo from Two Feathers, a shop that focuses on functionality and grace for the everyday woman.  (Shop my outfit + accessories throughout the post.) read more


Jan Marini C-ESTA Serum: Did I “C” Bright Results?

How long have you known that Vitamin C is good for you?  Probably most of your life, right?  But you most likely went to college or through some other young stage of your life and temporarily threw that knowledge out the window (ahem).  Now that I’ve totally lost track of how many years it has been since my golden college years (sniff, sniff), I have reintroduced Vitamin C to my life in various ways- most recently with Jan Marini C-ESTA Serum.

Jan Marini C-ESTA Serum, Vitamin C

Whether it is drinking OJ to keep myself healthy during the winter months or taking a daily multi-vitamin, I know Vitamin C can help me stay and look healthy from the inside.  And while it’s a no-brainer that foods and juices high in Vitamin C are beneficial to your health, we often forget to apply it to our skin! read more


My Favorite Outfits from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale + GIVEAWAY

Yay!  The famous Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here!  Why is this sale soooo important?  You can snag brand-new designer fall fashion at a hefty discount!  Nordstrom is about the only place I pay full-price for fashion because their selection is THAT GOOD.  And you better believe when they place hot-off-the-truck items on sale, I am either in the store or shopping their website.  Nordstrom offers in-store pickup for online orders the same day of purchase!

Here are my favorite outfits from the sale.  Keep in mind that right now (July 13-July 20), items are reserved for cardholders.  Public access runs from July 21- August 6, so you might want to sign up for a card in order to take full advantage of the discounts!  I imagine that some of these items will sell out very quickly!  Shop each outfit below its graphic. read more


How to Add Rustic, Romantic Charm to Your Home

We moved to our current house almost 4 years ago, but we still have yet to completely furnish and decorate.  Having had our twins shortly after moving day, you can imagine that we haven’t had too time to really spruce up the place.

Slowly, but surely, my husband I have been able to spend more attention on making our house a home.  We’ve purchased more furniture, and now I can focus on incorporating chic farmhouse touches throughout the home.  If you like my style, you’ll love my tips on how to add rustic, romantic charm to your home!  (Shop my fave rustic home décor throughout the post!) read more


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